Photo: Brandon Hook / Sojourners
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Vice President and Chief Strategy and Impact Officer
Associate News Editor,
Senior Associate Culture Editor
Digital Mobilizing Manager
Photo: Brandon Hook / Sojourners
Senior Editor, Sojourners magazine
Audience Engagement Manager
Director of Donor Services
Associate Editor, Sojourners magazine
Director of Individual Giving
Associate Opinion Editor,
Senior Director of Foundation Relations and Performance Officer
Senior Adviser & Director of the President’s Office
Director of Mid-level and Planned Giving
Donor Services and Database Manager
Immigration and Women and Girls Campaign Manager
Senior Research Associate
Fellowship Program Director & Church Network Coordinator
Graphic Designer
Senior Director of Circulation and Production
Director of Racial Justice Mobilizing
Director of Campaigns and Mobilizing
Editor, Sojourners magazine
Political Director
Photo: Brandon Hook / Sojourners
Editor, Sojourners magazine
Art Director
Senior Director of Marketing
Director of Strategic Gifts


Online Editorial Assistant
Editorial Assistant
Campaigns and Mobilizing Assistant
Editorial Assistant
Advertising Assistant
Circulation Assistant
Communications Assistant
Donor Services Assistant
Digital Mobilizing and President’s Office Assistant