Living Faith


The SBC’s executive committee said it would fully cooperate with the probe and would “transparently address the scourge of sexual abuse.”

An orange sign reading "Hate Has No Home Here" hangs in front of the statue of Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee,

Christians must confront the poisonous ideology of white Christian nationalism in our churches and politics.

RIP Medical Debt has helped churches forgive $1 billion of debt — for a fraction of the cost.

A metal archway says "Seattle Pacific University" in front of trees with yellow leaves.

Washington’s attorney general is investigating whether the school has “discriminatory employment policies” against LGBTQ people.

When despair blossoms in me, I go to a place big enough to embrace it.

Taking a world religions course with a bunch of John Piper wannabes clarifies a lot.

The plaintiffs are three rabbis, a United Church of Christ reverend, a Unitarian Universalist minister, an Episcopal Church priest, and a Buddhist lama.

An excerpt from Robyn Henderson-Espinoza on the work of unmasking whose bodies count.

“He was strong in his convictions but always open to engage with challenges. I will miss his example — especially in these times of great divide,” Nikki Toyama-Szeto said.

During a Mass led by Pope Francis, two protestors held up a banner calling for the Catholic Church to reverse a 15th century policy known as the “Doctrine of Discovery” that backed seizing land from non-Christians.