Living Faith


“We pray for people struggling — who need your help and grace / on every flooded island and in each flooded place.”

“We rallied and did what any decent human being would do if strangers showed up,” Rev. Charlotte Wright told Sojourners.

Pew Research Center projects that Christianity may fall to 54-35 percent of the U.S. population. But that may not be a bad thing.

I hope that my lived testimony can be a small piece in a broader, collective effort to save lives.

Seminary is expensive. Our advice is free.

“I feel that convicted about the disintegration of this place I love,” said Jill Heiney-Smith, one of the plaintiffs and a professor at SPU.

Passing the largest package of climate investments in U.S. history came with a terrible set of trade-offs; Joe Biden has the power to change that.

“One Nation Under God” American flag painting in Texas.

Why is “white Christian nationalism” a helpful term for identifying the threat to our democracy? Samuel L. Perry and Philip Gorski explain.

Women wearing hijabs walk with young girls wearing gray school uniforms past a mural depicting a smiling globe and hearts.

Meeting women in Israel/Palestine showed me what hope in action looks like.

Kate McElwee spoke with Sojourners about the Women’s Ordination Conference direct action at the Vatican earlier this week.