Living Faith


Williams, author of ‘Sisters in the Wilderness’ was celebrated for her theology, which saw Black women’s experiences as a primary source for “God-talk.”

A multiracial group of people hold hands in prayer at Thanksgiving dinner.

May these prayers help you and yours work toward ending intolerance and building justice this holiday season.

A flock of birds fly away from the U.S. Capitol while sunlight shines through.

In our democracy — imperfect as it may be — bringing God’s reign of justice and inclusive love closer to earth means staying engaged in politics.

An illustration of a brown plant growing out of a grey tree stump with a shadow that's filled with vibrant colors and flowers.

December reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle A

A cropped image of an illustration of fish swimming upward to a hole in a frozen lake that rests below a starry night.

“I struggle with my encounters with Indigenous Christians because it feels like the ultimate betrayal.” 

An illustrated headshot of Clarence Jordan with another illustration of him posing with his wife. A protest banner is being lifted up by a group of people next to a sign that says, "Koinonia Farm."

Clarence Jordan and the Koinonia community fought Jim Crow with a “cow library” and a radical faith. There's still work to do today.

A headshot of Vanessa Nakate looking into the distance with leaves behind her.

The image that first brought Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate to many people's attention is one that cropped her out. Now, she spreads her message without apology or fear of erasure.

I used to think conversations about race were part of a not-so-hidden liberal agenda. Thank God I changed.

An illustration of teenage Pakistani climate activist Manal Shad, a female with dark hair speaking to an unseen crowd with a fire posed above her right hand. The background reads, "Do not wait for revolution to come; do what you must and light the spark."

Clarence Jordan lived out the gospel through radical activism in the South during the civil rights movement. His life is a testament to practicing what you preach.

Communities that help people make more authentic and compassionate choices should be pro-choice and pro-life activists’ main priorities.