Living Faith


We can’t defeat racism by “being good” or “feeling guilty.”

The anti-abortion movement wants to replace my wonder at life’s origins with draconian, misogynist laws.

Climate change is an urgent, deadly threat; now is the time for prophetic thunder.

CRT helped mature my faith and identity; it can help Christians heal from the disease of racist thinking.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. often spoke of “Beloved Community,” but he never explicitly defined it.

The right to critique America is part of the brilliance of America.

Rohrer said they hoped their installation “gives people an idea that there can be trans faith, not just trans struggle.”

After 9/11, Kaur made a pilgrimage to a gas station in Arizona; her life was forever changed.

 “This is a critical moment,” the statement reads. “Our children’s future and the future of our common home depend on it.”

“I'm going to help get you the health care you need no matter the risk,” said Rev. Shelby Dean Nowland.