Living Faith


We must stop. We must weep. We must mourn. We must honor. And we must lament.

"We need our leaders to be motivated by an unselfish sacrificial way of love that truly seeks the good and well-being of the American society," Curry says.

In Jewish mythology, the turn of the year is a process, like turning over a field.

It is only by coming together in our collective power that the movement for justice has continued over generations and will continue even now.

The decision exposes the value gap in our justice system that so often dismisses and degrades the value of Black life.

According to the study, 3 out of 5 participants see a link between their spirituality and investing in their community.

There's no national effort to memorialize a tragedy we're still experiencing and will be for quite some time. 

American exceptionalism’s biblical orientalism has often rendered Middle Eastern Christians as exotic artifacts to be studied and converted.

And as John Lewis said, it's also our most powerful nonviolent tool for social change.