Living Faith


The author of ‘The Woman They Wanted’ on how her church, marriage, and theology suppressed her personhood.

The 10 men and women walked 81 miles along the last stretch of the Via Francigena, a medieval trail that connects Canterbury, England, to Rome, ahead of a major Vatican summit on the future of the Church, starting next week.

The blessing service on Wednesday evening was a reaction against Archbishop Woelki’s decision to reprimand a priest from the town of Mettmann who had also held a blessing ceremony for same-sex couples.

W.E.B. Du Bois may not have been a Christian, but he has something to say to the church.

More than 12 million people in the United States eat kosher products and 8 million eat halal products.

I have come to believe that denominations are not the best way to organize our religious communities.

While the church often helps children with medical complexities in acute ways, advocates say more must be done to address the systemic burdens placed on families.

As more Americans choose not to affiliate with any particular religion, so too do more chaplains.

And no, the answer isn't to tell young people to pray more.

The worker from Nazareth ‘Stirreth up the people!’ and made himself an enemy of the rich and powerful.