Living Faith


Why we need to talk about heaven, hell, and the end of it all.

Christians have forgotten the dark history of Christianity’s marriage to nationalist agendas.

Public health professionals and Christians should, in theory, be natural collaborators.

The forces of erosion and conquest left only the names of places like scratch marks as the land fell from the grips of their empire into another.

Americans are traveling to Canada and calling out the injustice of pharma corporations. 

We’re to love God with all our hearts and all our lives, not just convenient parts of them.

by Joe Kay

A former SBC professor on his gratitude and disillusionment with the church.

A racial leveraging of forgiveness followed Amber Guyger’s trial in Dallas.

Julián Castro announced proposal to end state-sponsored discrimination against LGBTQ families.

Francis of Assisi met Sultan Malik Al-Kamil 800 years ago.