Living Faith


Around 120 faith organizations will fan out across more than 50 Pride events in 16 states to de-escalate the actions of extremist anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups.

I want to understand the intersection of Miami, Latino, and church culture, but I wondered whether I would burst into flames when walking into church.

The IVF resolution before the thousands of leaders gathered in Indianapolis noted the pain infertile couples encounter but said that “not all technological means of assisting human reproduction are equally God-honoring or morally justified.”

June can be a difficult month for LGBTQ+ Christians, but this year I'm giving thanks for people who’ve left a meaningful mark on my spiritual journey.

“If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t know if we have the bandwidth to deal with this,’ You are dealing with it. It’s happening already,” church leaders told Sojourners.

The illustration shows a dark-skinned woman with blue/green hair and her eyes closed with a halo. Around her are loaves, fishes, and crickets.

July reflections on scripture from the Common Revised Lectionary (Cycle B).

The image shows a sculpture of a weeping person kneeling over a dead body with a display in the back showing faces of people killed by gun violence.

My son was shot and killed in 2017. Five years later, the same thing happened to my husband.

The illustration show the silhouette of a father holding a child's hand, as he dissolves into butterflies.

Accompanying him as he died taught me about the holy work of presence.

The illustration shows a sleeping person, under the stars. It is in black and white.

Jesus responds, “Where is your faith? Why aren’t you awake!”

The illustration shows red hands in handcuffs that have been broken by a peace dove

Christians would do well to reject the premise that there are throwaway people.