Living Faith


“That was an evil, racist, white supremacist,” Rev. Darius Pridgen said from the pulpit at True Bethel Baptist Church on Sunday. “He literally looked for a zip code that had the highest concentration of African Americans.”

Whether you are graduating from college or receiving your doctorate, these Bible verses will help you prepare for what's next.

The word autism made of typographic letters.

Here's how your congregation can be more accessible for the autistic folks in your midst.

The religious groups said they would ask their own financial service providers to stop fossil fuel investments and instead put money in renewable energy.

When responding to the spiritual and ethical challenges posed by contemporary dress, Christians should start by taking their clothes seriously.

We asked a biblical scholar to answer some of the most common Bible translation questions.

“Duane’s shoulders carried whole movements for justice and most never knew.”

Aline Mello stares seriously at the camera wearing a multicolored skirt and a t-shirt that says "Immigrant"

She pours into verse her life as an undocumented woman wrestling with race, faith after disillusionment, and the in-between existence of an immigrant.

Illustration of two ropes tearing a book with the title "The Battle Over Sex Ed" in half

When sex education becomes a spiritual issue.

My motherhood is not seen on TV

It's the tears and talks

behind the signs and the walks

on the evening news.

The postpartum depression

referred to as “baby blues”

And loving another mother’s child

even when they’re rude.

It’s having to be something you never wanted to be.

It's the staying, standing, and stares