Living Faith


Christians have forgotten the dark history of Christianity’s marriage to nationalist agendas.

Public health professionals and Christians should, in theory, be natural collaborators.

The forces of erosion and conquest left only the names of places like scratch marks as the land fell from the grips of their empire into another.

Americans are traveling to Canada and calling out the injustice of pharma corporations. 

We’re to love God with all our hearts and all our lives, not just convenient parts of them.

by Joe Kay

Pharrell named his first festival — a place where I found the secular and the spiritual share space — Something in the Water, to me representing a transformation in culture, especially for black millennials.

Conservatives' rejection of the 1619 Project is based on a fear of black power. 

I simply wanted the trees, the ants, the dirt, the water, and the wind to know that I was grateful to be among them.

Shall Christ or Cain reign in our American civilization?

Conservative Christians' siege philosophy will keep them tied to Trump, no matter how many more shootings happen.