Living Faith


We’re to love God with all our hearts and all our lives, not just convenient parts of them.

by Joe Kay

Pharrell named his first festival — a place where I found the secular and the spiritual share space — Something in the Water, to me representing a transformation in culture, especially for black millennials.

Whether in the words of Coates or Barber, moral clarity is critical. 

Quebec’s ‘Secularism’ Bill, the Emanuel Nine, Democrats debate reparations, the new U.S. Poet Laureate, and more!

We don’t know what disability justice is because we haven’t reckoned with our history of injustice.

When my youth group blamed a community’s problems on its rejection of Jesus, we failed to see the gospel. 

Many fear the Catholic Church has proven itself more concerned with reputation than with truth and justice.

Removing a microphone from a black woman mid-sentence is white violence.

We simply step into a current that is already moving.

Martin Luther’s revolutionary call for grace and spiritual self-determination would be turned on its head.