Living Faith

A man stands in the Empty Sky 911 Memorial in Jersey City, New Jersey looking towards the One World Trade Center tower in lower Manhattan in New York City shortly after sunrise as haze and smoke hangs over the Manhattan skyline

And as our own skies darken, we’d be wise to consider the cost of our hubristic climate destruction.

People kneel in a dry field in prayer. A religious statute is in the background.

Faith leaders are adapting spiritual practices to cope with the impacts of climate change. Will it work?

Faith leaders in the South say it is “unjust and unholy” that lifesaving treatments are too expensive for many to attain.

“I think the greatest chance we have of that happening, addressing our climate goals, is the Black church leading.”

My gender does not define me first; rather, I am first a human and a beloved child of God.

Demonstrators attend a rally for queer and transgender youth rally near the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Let’s show trans kids that there are Christians who believe in the inclusive love of Jesus.

A person wearing heavy drag makeup and a black Catholic habit waves in a pride parade.

The Catholic hierarchy has often tried to mute gender nonconformity, but the truth is more complicated.

“We just started calling parishes and it was a pretty simple pitch: Hey, we’re the Laudato Trees team, and would you like some free trees planted in your parish property?”

What would happen if the Ten Commandments were posted by legal mandate in schools?

Shadows fall over migrants who are crossing a river. Their reflections appear in the surface.

Neither the now-expired Title 42 nor Biden's new policies fulfill God's call to radical welcome. Christians can help build alternatives.