Living Faith


We must practice disassociating from our national identities in order to fully embrace our identity in Christ.

Amanda 'Butta P' Small is a hip-hop music maven combining her faith, business prowess, and heritage to change the culture.

Pastor Bert Bocachica and his wife lead a church called El Santuario, a Spanish congregation in the Bronx borough of New York City.

Vanessa Martinez Soltero is an activist bridging her Christian faith and Indigenous traditions to sustain herself and community.

Across the country, striking workers are demanding better labor conditions — and that's holy, purposeful work.

Both horror and Christianity should be unsettling.

This fall, 10 leaders joined the Sojourners staff in Washington, D.C.

George Gavriel’s paintings take aim at the perceived riches of the church, juxtaposed against the humility of Jesus Christ.

As homeschooling grows, marginalized students, parents, and their supporters are working to create inclusive communities.

“I wanted my book to help you explore and imagine the possibilities for the beauty of what we know of ourselves — the beauty of Blackness.”