Living Faith


“I fear many women, especially low-income and Black women, will suffer because of Roe being overturned,” said Alessandra Harris.

I took a gun safety course after watching rioters carry the Confederate flag into the Capitol.

This weekend, The Poor People’s campaign is rallying in Washington, D.C., with an overlooked group of voters: poor people.

Italian American and Indigenous activists in Rochester, N.Y., came together to end the celebration that honored the infamous Italian explorer.

The parish voted 4-1 to join the independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

God cares about the whole of the human experience, not just an after party in the sky, Oladokun told Sojourners.

Here are four ways I’ve grown in my understanding of gender and sexuality.

Side profile of Blane Asrat

"I just want to be an artist sometimes."

A headshot of Peter Chin

"It’s a calling that I’m continuing to be faithful to."

Three people walk amid rubble in a damaged building with a ceiling that is blackened.

“I can’t believe you are here,” one Ukrainian woman told our peace delegation. “You are actually here. You came in person.”