Living Faith


The evening before an Arizona jury decided the fate of Scott Warren, who was charged with a felony for harboring and assisting "illegal aliens," people of faith from around the country gathered in Tucson to show their support. After two hours of deliberation, the jury found Warren not guilty.

'I think God was a source of solace for me early on and over time the evolution within my spiritual health has been reconciling.'

A Conversation with Author Cameron Dezen Hammon. 

A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Amy Butler

If nuclear war is a sin in the Catholic Church, are anti-nuclear demonstrators protected under religious freedom?

Some pointers for debating health care across party lines. 

Does reconnecting with Jesus mean reclaiming a way of life or style of life that we can look for?

Jim Wallis, in conversation with William Matthews and Allison Trowbridge, explores the themes of Chapter Ten, “Salt and Light” from his new book Christ in Crisis: Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus.

The 2020 Latinos for Trump organization prominently features three Latino evangelical pastors with long ties to Trump.