A young Jim Wallis in flannel smiling at the camera.

The next chapter of my life.

An illustration of a pig, a tomato, and a cucumber with smiles on their faces all hugging each other.

Our guest humor columnist reimagines ‘VeggieTales.’

A mop stands next to a red bucket of water that is tipped over and spilling water.

Sexism undervalues work performed by women and shapes policy and economic forces.

An illustration of someone helping another person up, who has fallen on the gorund.

Breaking the stigma around mental health.

An illustration of a computer with a zoom church service going on, with a candle lit and a bag of chips on the sides of the laptop.

From our guest humor columnist.

A science beaker is engulfed in a flame.

Attacks on science are dangerous.

A map is cut out to look like a pac man with chomping, sharp teeth.

Future change begins with present navigation.

An illustration of three people holding up a giant gavel that is making a noise.

Justice requires transformation.