In the divine economy of God, biological parenthood is just as legitimate as being an adopted parent.

Welcoming children prepares us for welcoming strangers.

A creative imagining of the birth of Christ.

In the series as in real life, sports offer liberating, queer-friendly spaces for women.

The ‘Black Panther’ sequel misses that grief is not an obstacle in the work of justice.

An ancient illustration of Mary giving birth to Jesus with the help of midwives as they are surrounded by animals.

As we anticipate the birth of Jesus Christ, we must remember that God appeared in these tender places — in human flesh, in the womb of a refugee, at the site of vulnerability and oppression.

A break in a canopy of green trees shows the clear blue skies, outlined in the shape of a human head looking upward.

Entering into the holiday season with an Indigenous approach to gratitude.

An illustration of a fan with ribbons waving about in the shape of an American flag, with some of the red lines blowing off.

Why this could be the year we start saving the planet (and what Christians can do to help). 

A woman sits on a bench under a makeshift shelter made of sticks and a quilt. Behind the shelter, floodwaters stretch to the horizon.

Our out-of-control consumption has made our global neighbors vulnerable to climate catastrophe. What do we owe them?

Two rows of four faces are overlaid on geometric backgrounds; illustrated faces are white, orange, medium-brown, and dark brown. Background includes lines and blocks of green, shades of blue, pink, and other bright geometric shapes.

Should we burn bridges with “those” family members?