Illustration of a groovy fist emerging from a megaphone to bump another fist

Attacks on activism by church hierarchs give organized religion a bad name.

If we want to welcome the Christ child, we must rethink our approach to the property we “possess.”

The outline of a gift box made from twigs, vines, and leaves

Holding onto wonder in the face of loss.

Illustration of two white hands emerging from a rocky pool at night with water cascading down them

Mary reminds us that, ultimately, the mighty will be brought down from their thrones and the hungry will be filled with good things. 

The divisions in our world cannot be repaired through virtual or simulated reality.

Illustration of water dripping off of brown legs to pool around the feet

I kissed dating goodbye and started washing people's feet with my hair. 

A semi-circle of open books casts the shadow of the profile of a human face

To change our future, we must reckon with our past. 

When countless pounds of tomatoes rot in their crates while people nearby go hungry, who is to blame?

Illustration of feet dancing on a multicolored dance floor

When stepping out on the dance floor feels like a theological risk.

An illustration of two street signs, "Disaster Blvd" and "Paradise Ave"

His mortal remains are tucked in the earth—while his soul cracks jokes with the saints.