The Jesus many Ethiopian leaders follow apparently never said “blessed are the peacemakers,” or “love thy enemies.”

The Canadian school system forcibly separated about 150,000 Indigenous children from their homes, with many subjected to abuse, rape, and malnutrition.

A black and white photo of a family in Palestine.

The untenability of the two-state paradigm necessitates a shift in our thinking.

Israeli settlements have made a viable Palestinian state impossible. Finding a new path to peace in the Middle East.

As resistance to racism and police violence grows in U.S., some hope more U.S. Christians will oppose Israeli occupation.

The U.S. provides nearly $4 billion in mostly military aid to Israel each year.

Hundreds of blessings are taking place across the country as part of the “Liebe Gewinnt” or “Love Wins” initiative.

Biden announced that he would lift the limit, though he said the U.S. would not achieve 62,500 admissions in the fiscal year.

Many faith leaders call Biden’s delay on raising the refugee ceiling an unacceptable letdown and vow to hold the president to his campaign promises.