Many Christian converts burn their artifacts, which the churches say are associated with evil spirits.

France’s top bishop said the church would go “on a path of recognition and reparation” to victims of those sexually abused by priests.

The “Day of Dead Women” protest was in response to a 130 percent increase in femicides between 2015 and 2020.

Francis and Biden met to discuss climate, ahead of the U.N.'s climate conference. 

Illustration of a suit jacket where the scales of justice, containing the church and the figures of an adult and child, hang off the shoulders
As the church tries to avoid responsibility for residential schools, attorneys have an ethical duty to push back.
Illustration of a blue hand holding a farmland scene in its palm

Coercing communities to embrace industrial farming through AGRA is not a solution to poverty. 

The new initiative could give a greater voice to lay Catholics, including women, and people on the margins of society.

Illustration of the Islamic crescent and stars separated by a barbed wire fence

Will we stand with our Uyghur neighbors?

 “This is a critical moment,” the statement reads. “Our children’s future and the future of our common home depend on it.”

Some say the small scope and planning of Biden’s evacuation of refugees will leave many behind.