Hundreds of blessings are taking place across the country as part of the “Liebe Gewinnt” or “Love Wins” initiative.

Biden announced that he would lift the limit, though he said the U.S. would not achieve 62,500 admissions in the fiscal year.

Corruption and climate disaster push many people in Honduras and elsewhere to make the uncertain journey north.

Many faith leaders call Biden’s delay on raising the refugee ceiling an unacceptable letdown and vow to hold the president to his campaign promises.

Most lay employees will not be affected by the cuts, according to a Vatican spokesperson.

Illustration of a village with red airstrikes flying over it in both directions.

As tensions worsen between Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the U.S., the threat of extermination rises again.

Illustration of nuclear weapons being deconstructed and rebuilt into a house.

The U.S. should join them and sign the new treaty.

It stands in stark contrast to the largely imagined persecution trumpeted by the American Religious Right.

Illustration of a bomb next to hands holding out an empty bowl.

Biden must act to stop the famine.