As Beijing continues to arrest Hong Kong’s pro-democracy leaders, the temptation is to just fight harder, not to mourn — but prophetic work requires both.

It stands in stark contrast to the largely imagined persecution trumpeted by the American Religious Right.

Illustration of a virtual church zoom meeting.

Pentecostalism began as an interracial movement and held pacifist positions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi found a great ally in President Donald Trump.

Illustration of a chained link fence and barbed wire.

Simply reversing Trump's more extreme policies will not be enough.

Thanks to longstanding community connections, many faith-based NGOs are stepping up to provide COVID-aware disaster relief.

A surrealistic illustration of plants with human legs, dancing in a circle around a fire, birds and flowers above them.

Indigenous communities honor relationships with all life. Will European descendants learn to do the same?

Illustration of two semi-automatic rifles being held by puppet strings, pointing at each other.

A legacy of colonialism is at the crux of the Azerbaijan and Armenia conflict.

Evangelicals have growing political dominance, but some pastors want to divorce faith from autocracy.

Now U.S. faith leaders are preparing to do the same.