The illustration shows Ali Abu Awwad, with the colors of the Palestinian and Israeli flags in the background, with a row of hummingbirds flying, and leafy branches.

An interview with Palestinian peace activist Ali Abu Awwad on nonviolent resistance.

For decades, mainland Chinese Catholics have been split between an official church loyal to the government and an underground flock loyal to the Pope.

Bishop Jose Negri of Santo Amaro in Brazil sent the doctrinal office six questions in July regarding LGBTQ+ people and their participation in the sacraments of baptism and matrimony.

“You can’t plan a world-changing initiative and fight for funding every year,” Hally Mahler, HIV director for FHI 360, told Sojourners.

God of Mercy, even now work on the hearts of combatants to choose life over death, reconciliation over retaliation, restoration over destruction.

“War is a defeat, every war is a defeat. Let us pray for peace in Israel and Palestine,” the pope said.

The 10 men and women walked 81 miles along the last stretch of the Via Francigena, a medieval trail that connects Canterbury, England, to Rome, ahead of a major Vatican summit on the future of the Church, starting next week.

Pictured is a hallway with white walls and barred windows. There is a man in a black pants and a white sweatshirt looking out of the window, with another man standing down the hall looking at him.

Christians in Brazil are trying to create an alternative model — but are their methods coercive?

The blessing service on Wednesday evening was a reaction against Archbishop Woelki’s decision to reprimand a priest from the town of Mettmann who had also held a blessing ceremony for same-sex couples.

Ukraine’s Eastern Rite Catholic bishops bluntly told Pope Francis at a meeting that some of his comments about Russia had caused great pain and were being used by Moscow to justify a “a murderous ideology.”