The blessing service on Wednesday evening was a reaction against Archbishop Woelki’s decision to reprimand a priest from the town of Mettmann who had also held a blessing ceremony for same-sex couples.

Francis is in Portugal for  World Youth Day, the world’s largest Catholic festival, his fourth since becoming Pope. 

A man in a yellow hazmat suit simulates checking radiation levels on a Ukrainian boy by holding a black device out in front of him. Red-and-white striped tape keeps them separated from an onlooking crowd in the background.

"It’s one of the most amazing stories in nonviolence history.”

O’Connor’s actions were a brave representation of a shift that was taking shape in society away from the Catholic Church, whose deep influence began to collapse later that decade over a string of clerical child sex abuse scandals.

A picture of El Salvador's blue and white national flag, flying from a flag pole against a yellow backdrop.

Oppression is always more palatable when it is wrapped in the language of faith.

An edited photo of an overhead view of a sprawling green forest with two barren sections in the shape of footprints.

The steps we must take as we grieve the loss of a stable natural world.

An illustration of Africa filled in with a rainbow gradient cast against a gray backdrop.

Original colonial annals reflect exceptions to heterosexuality as far back as the 1500s.

“It has been good to hear their (synod members’) reflections, and we will take these away to feed into the concentrated drafting work that starts now. We look forward to reconvening in November,” Sarah Mullally, the Bishop of London, said in a statement.

The Church of England’s $13.1 billion Church Commissioners fund will divest from all remaining oil and gas companies in its portfolio, including Shell, BP, Equinor, and TotalEnergies, it said on Thursday.

An illustration of a blue peace symbol with two yellow hands raised to the sky in the center, which are each holding both halves of a broken rifle.

The Biden administration is failing to support Russian objectors to war.