Whether a light-roast Rwandan or Folgers, the rapper, poet, and coffee aficionado Propaganda says we can build a more equitable coffee practice.

Uganda’s court cited from the U.S. Supreme Court’s case overturning abortion rights in their defense of “limitations to individual or bodily autonomy.”

“The whole land is the land of God, so we can pray anywhere. The occupation can’t deprive us of that,” said Abu Jehad, a father of six.

“This is a historic moment,” Stella Belia, the head of same-sex parents group Rainbow Families, told Reuters. “This is a day of joy.”

“What is the use (of a blessing) if my partner and I can’t hold hands and walk down the street?” one activist asked. 

The photo shows mourning Gazans as they stand over the covered bodies of two slain journalists, their blue press vests resting on their bodies.

The first month of the Israel-Hamas war was the deadliest for journalists in at least 30 years. 

The photo shows South Sudanese refugees coming home after being displaced by war.

A Christian displaced by the war in Sudan calls for peace.

The illustration shows two people reaching forward to shake hands. Behind both people are the silhouettes of other people, filled in with maps of the world. One person has the Americas, and the other has Asia and Africa.

As Christianity's center of gravity continues to shift away from the West, it is increasingly important to strengthen relationships with younger Christian leaders from the majority world. 

In what is sometimes called his “state of the world” speech, Francis spoke to envoys from 184 countries and called for a “ceasefire on every front, including Lebanon.”

Dov Baum has spent decades using economic activism and corporate accountability to resist Israel’s occupation.