The film juxtaposes the brutality of torture with the reality of its ineffectiveness.

This faith-based distress at humanity’s poor stewardship of God’s creation has some powerful and outspoken proponents in Brazil.

He Weaves Parables of Interdependency Amid an Economy of Extraction

Also known as “the Night of Broken Glass,” it’s one of the most closely scrutinized events in the history of Nazi Germany.

Officials warned the move would undermine national security and harm the safety and well-being of TPS recipients, including as many as 273,000 U.S. citizen children.

All the top Democratic presidential hopefuls seeking to unseat Trump in next year's election have promised to re-engage in the Paris Agreement if they win.

“The state is in debt to the women because of the violence we suffer.”

To Portobelo’s inhabitants, especially those who claim African descent, the festival is more than a religious celebration.

Until the civilian death toll stops, peace on the ground remains a dream.

Nigeria’s #ChurchToo moment was inspired by incessant sexual assaults perpetrated by the clergy.