The parish voted 4-1 to join the independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

How advocates hope to overhaul the U.S.’s dysfunctional immigration system, from asylum to border security and migrant protection.

The Vatican said it was concerned after Cardinal Joseph Zen was charged with foreign collusion in arrests made Wednesday.

The religious groups said they would ask their own financial service providers to stop fossil fuel investments and instead put money in renewable energy.

Illustration of sunflowers growing out of gun barrels surrounded by blue and yellow

Ordinary people are displaying extraordinary courage using various forms of nonviolent direct action. 

When sanctions lead to shortages of food, diapers, and other necessities, are they better than warfare?

The procession includes a meditation emphasizing reconciliation and reconstruction, which head of Ukraine’s Byzantine-rite Catholic church called “incoherent and even offensive.”

Francis offered condolences for journalists killed in Russia’s war on Ukraine and said he was willing to visit Ukraine if it would be “for the good.”

The 18th-century cemetery was once a tourist attraction, now it holds funerals twice a week for Ukrainian soldiers.

Illustration of a nightingale singing on top of a missile against a red background

“Our churches must become centers of service to our people in times of adversity.”