Nicaragua signalled that the move, which came a few days after Pope Francis compared the Nicaraguan government to a dictatorship, was “a suspension” of diplomatic relations.

An illustration of four anthropomorphic representations of human revolutions. From left to right, a blue man is digging. A tan woman is holding a vase. An orange figure has a mechanical gear for a head. A man is wearing a suit with smokestacks for a head.

“The Earth can't afford more black belts in shopping and using things up.”

A man sits on the sidewalk across from a multi-story building that has collapsed onto the street.

Hundreds of thousands of people in both countries have been left homeless in the middle of winter.

Under the proposals, same-sex couples cannot be married in a Church of England church, but could have a service in which there would be “prayers of dedication, thanksgiving or for God’s blessing on the couple” in church after a civil marriage.

Benedict will lie in state from Monday in St. Peter’s Basilica and his funeral will be held on the morning of Jan. 5. Pope Francis will preside over the ceremony.

An 11-foot puppet designed to look like a Syrian child is surrounded by a crowd with signs advocating for relief for refugees.

Little Amal has traversed more than 5,500 miles to share a poignant plea: “Don't forget about us.”

A heavily filtered photo of Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in chest armor with "PRESS" emblazoned across the front. She is surrounded with illustrations of Arabic text, plants, and a microphone with doves flying out from the mic.

The killing of a renowned Palestinian American journalist shines a light on Israeli military practices in the Occupied Territories.

Ukrainian security officials have seized the assets of senior clerics and subjected them to other economic, legal, and travel bans.

An attendee poses for a picture near a large model earth inside a large room.

Sure, "international lending policies" sound boring, but the Bible takes debt — and the people who profit from it — seriously.

As a Christian pastor, a justice advocate, and a lover of the beautiful game, I have watched the 2022 World Cup with a heavy heart.