A group of sports and human rights groups said France’s “discrimination against women and girls wearing the hijab is particularly concerning given the IOC’s celebration of Paris 2024 as the first ‘Gender Equal Olympics.’”

Francis reportedly used the slur while telling Roman priests that it was better that young men with homosexual tendencies not be allowed to enter the seminary.

This year, half the world's population heads to national polls — and a lot is at stake for democracy and freedom.

We don't have to ignore our theological differences to work together for positive change.

The image shows an older man in a suit and glasses holding up a finger emphatically while speaking in to a microphone. There is an Israeli flag behind him.

An interview with Knesset member Ofer Cassif on the Oct. 7 Hamas attack and Israel's response. 

The illustration is a side profile of Felipe Luciano, with a quote that says "A one point in every revolutionary's life, you have to know when to take the sword and pound it into plowshares"

Justice is built into the order of creation. We’re simply living into that reality.

Whether a light-roast Rwandan or Folgers, the rapper, poet, and coffee aficionado Propaganda says we can build a more equitable coffee practice.

Uganda’s court cited from the U.S. Supreme Court’s case overturning abortion rights in their defense of “limitations to individual or bodily autonomy.”

“The whole land is the land of God, so we can pray anywhere. The occupation can’t deprive us of that,” said Abu Jehad, a father of six.

C-sections without anesthesia and formula mixed with dirty water are part of the inhumane conditions that affect physical — and spiritual — health of parents and children in Gaza.