The World Council of Churches Assembly offers us the gift of de-centering ourselves in the face of the spirit-infused diversity of the global body of Christ.

Kate McElwee spoke with Sojourners about the Women’s Ordination Conference direct action at the Vatican earlier this week.

“The little one was brave,” Pope Francis said, smiling at the fact that he had just been talking about exchanges between youth and the elderly.

An illustration of two puzzle pieces, one bearing the flag of China while the other bears the flag of the United States.

Whenever animosity against China rises up, Asian Americans are blamed and attacked.

An illustration of a nuclear weapon colliding with a peace sign.

People of faith can make a difference in the campaign to abolish nuclear weapons.

An illustration of Ukrainian climate activist Ilyses El Kortbi holding a sign painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag that reads, "We see Ukraine as one of the first climate wars."

Former heavyweight boxers, the Klitschko brothers now face the fight of their lives.

A Ukrainian serviceman holds a gun while walking through a burning wheat field.

Amid supply chains, climate change, and war, the Bible calls us to ask: “Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food?”

Speaking near the site of a former residential school, Francis apologized for Christian support of the “colonizing mentality” of the times and called for a “serious investigation” of so-called residential schools.

The guidelines order Vatican departments to close their investment accounts or stock holdings in foreign banks and transfer them to the Vatican Bank.

“I am open to giving (women) an opportunity,” Pope Francis said in the part of the 90-minute interview that discussed the new constitution for the central administration, known as the Curia.