When it comes to migration, the U.S. continually fails to recognize that the problem does not begin at the border.

Trans Christians and their allies see affirming gender expression as a “holy endeavor.”

Despite some evangelicals’ fears, quite a few Christians — both past and present — have seen socialism as a necessary and Christ-like counterbalance to the failures of capitalism.

Many young activists distrust the church because it has not "boldly condemned its violent past," Tiffany Reid-Collazo said.

Chávez was a Mexican American activist who organized for farmworkers’ rights.

Fourteen rallies, coordinated by the Asian American Christian Collaborative, were held across the nation on Sunday afternoon.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) speaks about how being a Black woman of faith sustains her work keeps her pursuing social and economical justice.

Amid state-based rollbacks on voter access, new federal measures could protect the vote — and the imago dei of each voter.

The rollback on voter access comes as Republicans try to maintain power in the state.

Illustration of a parent with one hand caring for a child in a crib and one hand typing on a laptop.

Many nations have great family plans, except the U.S.