We can’t defeat racism by “being good” or “feeling guilty.”

 Congress could learn a lot from Jesus’ story about the good Samaritan.

“The Senate parliamentarian ruled against including a pathway to citizenship in budget reconciliation, but we’re not done,” said Rep. Chuy Garcia.

CRT helped mature my faith and identity; it can help Christians heal from the disease of racist thinking.

The detention camp reminds me how the U.S. repeatedly equates Blackness and Islam with terror.

Our memory of 9/11 should not be subject to the state’s agenda.

The conservative Christian singer and activist will host two events in the capital, as well as a summit at the Trump International Hotel.

War didn’t work in Afghanistan, say experts — and strategic nonviolence could be a more effective alternative.

The United States is an aggressor, grinding innocent people into ash, not a "shining city on a hill."

Despite support of faith leaders and other voting rights advocates, the bill is unlikely to pass in the Senate without overhaul of the filibuster.