For years, extremism experts and historians have sounded alarms about rising antisemitism and what they say are clear warning signs of emerging fascism and extremist violence. 

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.), the first openly gay person elected to the Senate, is a lead negotiator for the bill.

It’s clear that Jesus’ relationship with wealth was adversarial; we ignore his exhortations against wealth at our own peril.

Brazil has a lot to teach the U.S. about fighting Christian nationalism.

Amid anxiety and fear, Jesus’ call to us is the same, regardless of our political leanings.

A growing number of people believe the U.S. is controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles, according to a new poll.

From the Israelites to the Hemorrhaging woman, the Bible insists the poor have the agency to demand healing and freedom.

I used to think conversations about race were part of a not-so-hidden liberal agenda. Thank God I changed.

A wall of graffiti made by Sergii Radkevych called "Fragments of Hope" that depicting two hands grasped the blade of a sword and breaking it in two.

In the face of Russia's “special military operation,” citizens are leaning into over 100 years of nonviolent history.

An American flag with blue and red lines in the shape of arms, tangled together with hands holding voter ballots.

How a North Carolina case could institute nationwide voter suppression.