A diverse crowd of people stand in a church wearing masks during a vigil.

White supremacy will have no place in U.S. politics once it has no place in the U.S. church.

How advocates hope to overhaul the U.S.’s dysfunctional immigration system, from asylum to border security and migrant protection.

It shouldn't be controversial to say “I don’t want to criminalize abortion” and “I want to ensure there are fewer unwanted pregnancies.” But it is.

The Vatican said it was concerned after Cardinal Joseph Zen was charged with foreign collusion in arrests made Wednesday.

The question isn’t how I can be a Christian given that many Christians hate me. Instead, the question is: How can you?

Capitalist brain rot says student loan forgiveness is unfair; God tells us to forgive generously and resist exploitation.

A leaked draft suggests the Supreme Court is considering overturning federal abortion rights. For some Christians, this would be a victory; for others, a disaster.

When sanctions lead to shortages of food, diapers, and other necessities, are they better than warfare?

The 1992 riots pitted Black and Korean American communities against each other; today, Hyepin Im is helping churches combat the myths that keep communities divided.

Badgers, moles, and other creatures echo early Christian theologians: The new earth is deeply connected to this one.