After Congress failed to renew “the most important anti-poverty program” in half a century, child poverty more than doubled.

Both candidates spoke at a pair of national summits convened by the Concerned Women of America and the Family Research Council, evangelical advocacy groups that support laws restricting abortion among other issues.

The officers, in a four-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury, are accused of obscuring body-camera recordings of the assault and lying to their superiors.

Could this religious change actually make a strong political impact?

Ukraine’s Eastern Rite Catholic bishops bluntly told Pope Francis at a meeting that some of his comments about Russia had caused great pain and were being used by Moscow to justify a “a murderous ideology.”

States are kicking millions of people out of their health care program. As a Christian, I want a world where everyone is worthy of care.

I have come to believe that denominations are not the best way to organize our religious communities.

The worker from Nazareth ‘Stirreth up the people!’ and made himself an enemy of the rich and powerful.

The U.S. labeled Jessica Reznieck a terrorist for trying to slow down the planet's death march toward extinction.

Voters need to be savvy in recognizing when candidates’ behavior and rhetoric aligns with anti-democratic beliefs.