We must commit to providing that moral guidance to our country’s leaders today, just as we have in the past.

For low-income Texans of color, the power outages added extra pain to an already-hellish year.

“The law guarantees Smith the right to practice his faith free from unnecessary interference, including at the moment the State puts him to death,” wrote Justice Elena Kagan.

Many Christian media figures fanned the flames that led to tragedy.

The Eleventh Circuit also issued stay of execution, but Alabama has appealed to The Supreme Court.

There are no silver bullets that would repair democracy, but people of faith can be part of the solution.

Willie B. Smith's attorneys say banning pastors from execution room is a violation of religious liberty.

Faith leaders call it an important victory for ending capital punishment nationwide.

“I felt it was time to take down everything that had survived,” Nadine Seiler said.

What will it take to get the public — and Biden administration — to prioritize nuclear disarmament?