Any increase in ICE arrests would require additional detention space for those arrested and processed before deportation.

States and the federal government owe us intentional structural repair.

Even in the wake of another of tragedy like we saw at Virginia Beach, there’s another message worth spreading.

The area where Dr. Scott Warren was arrested has become Arizona’s 'valley of the shadow of death.'

Donald Trump is, and always has been, a consummate liar, an amoral human being, a completely selfish man with no concern for any others, an ultimate wealth and power-seeking megalomaniac, and the kind of leader who always has and will always want to be a tyrant and dictator. Removing him from power is, therefore, a task central to the soul of the nation — and to the integrity of faith.

Who knows why Mueller waited this long to speak except that this man seems to move slowly, methodically, and not always clearly or courageously.

“Life” issues have once again become extremely politically divisive. Claiming to be either “for the women” or “for the babies,” turns empathy for only one life into single-issue voting on both sides of the political spectrum.

Over 1 million Uighur Muslims are being held in detention centers in Xinjiang, China.