In both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, the Bible is squarely on the side of debtors.

“We rallied and did what any decent human being would do if strangers showed up,” Rev. Charlotte Wright told Sojourners.

Pew Research Center projects that Christianity may fall to 54-35 percent of the U.S. population. But that may not be a bad thing.

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A man wearing a clergy collar sits in a red car, with his left hand out the rolled down car window.

Steve Lee, a police chaplain from Illinois, is under scrutiny in a criminal investigation into alleged election interference by Trump and his allies in Georgia.

A row of yellow school buses parked behind a chain link fence.

We fail this nation's children when we neglect to value and affirm their teachers.

“One Nation Under God” American flag painting in Texas.

Why is “white Christian nationalism” a helpful term for identifying the threat to our democracy? Samuel L. Perry and Philip Gorski explain.

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Christians have never agreed on the best way to understand God and politics.