With the campaign of Donald Trump, the movement I once devoted my life to was swallowed up by a political leviathan.

Since the 2016 election stripped evangelicalism of all claims to moral credibility, what are those of us who formerly claimed that label to do?

While Trump has sent video greetings in the past, he becomes the first U.S. president to attend the march in person.

In 2019, Jagmeet Singh became the first racial and religious minority to lead a major political party in Canadian history.

The job guarantee was a centerpiece of the civil rights movement’s policy agenda.

People of faith held a vigil outside of the office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to decry the preventable deaths of detained children seeking asylum.

Falwell’s comments came days before Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued a temporary ban of guns at the state Capitol building. 

In this very special episode of The Soul of the Nation, the Rev. Jim Wallis sits down with the Rev. Adam Taylor, Sojourners' Executive Director, to discuss the role of the church in politics in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The love we show our neighbors shouldn’t be contingent on merit, safety, efficiency, time, money, energy, or even legality.