From Catholic University of America to Grove City College, Christian schools are struggling to foster dialogue on abortion, racism, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Reggie L. Williams discusses “Bonhoeffer moments,” Black theology, and the ideologies animating the Christian nationalist movement.

My phone calls are like a repetitive prayer, using language filled with conviction to imagine a future where Palestine is free.

If comprehensive, bipartisan immigration legislation has broad support, why does it keep failing in Congress?

Uganda’s court cited from the U.S. Supreme Court’s case overturning abortion rights in their defense of “limitations to individual or bodily autonomy.”

The Black church resonates with the story of Israel’s liberation. Today, our liberation is inseparable from a free Palestine.

In Nazi Germany, my family saw how Christians supported fascism. Today in the U.S., I am seeing the same.

In his newest book, ‘The False White Gospel,’ Jim Wallis addresses what far too many white pastors ignore: nationalism in the church and autocracy in politics.

Foley draws from church fathers, Anabaptists, and the Black radical tradition to help explain the anti-greed gospel.

The image shows six people holding up the sign language for "I love you"

The widow of Kenneth Eugene Smith spoke with Sojourners assistant editor Josina Guess.