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National Faith Leader, Rev. Jim Wallis, Declares Racism as a Moment of Truth for White Christianity

The new Editor-in-Chief will have editorial independence as she oversees Sojourners magazine and

Rev. Jim Wallis, Rev. Adam Taylor, Rev. Terrance McKinley and Sojourners reject dangerous threats from President Trump to delay the 2020 persidential elections.

Sojourners President and Founder, Rev. Jim Wallis, penned a letter to J. Kevin Stitt, Governor of Oklahoma, and members of the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board in support of Julius Jones, who is currently on death row.

Today, the Supreme Court announced its ruling on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) case, stating that the Trump administration’s decision to end the program was arbitrary and capricious, in a 5-4 decision.  

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Source: Religion News Service | Jim Wallis

In nearly every presidential election cycle, a narrow set of so-called religious issues comes to the fore. In recent decades that set has been abortion, LGBTQ rights and religious liberty. Candidates fall on one side or the other, and predictable controversies erupt. It’s exhausting to see people of faith lumped into a media narrative that largely only follows white Christians.

Source: Religion News Service | Jim Wallis

I am not the first one to say this, and it is less prophetic than just observably true: Donald Trump is consistently putting his calculus of how he can win reelection over any commitment to protect the nation’s public health.

Source: Religion News Service | Jim Wallis and Adam Taylor

John Lewis was a friend and mentor. As I, Jim, said when he died last Friday, John Lewis showed us the way again and again; his truth will keep marching on. I was moved to share a tweet from my son Luke, which said, “I’m honored to have ever been in the room with this man. Let’s fill these empty statue pedestals with patriots like #repjohnlewis.” Under his tweet was a picture of John Lewis holding Luke as a baby — he’s the only politician I ever let hold my child.

Source: Religion News Service | Jim Wallis

What’s been the message of Confederate monuments and flags? It depends on who you are.


Source: The New York Times | Jessica Grose

Sandi Villarreal, the executive editor of Sojourners, a Christian social justice magazine, said that her husband, Michael Middaugh, a pastor of a Lutheran church in Silver Spring, Md., is doing the same amount, if not more, of the caretaking for their three children, ages 6, 4, and almost 1, because his schedule is more flexible than hers — for now.