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WASHINGTON, DC -- People of faith all across the country will join a diverse group of ecumenical Christian leaders for a non-partisan prayer ecumenical Christian service hosted by and including our many diverse faith communities and traditions--live streamed across the country linked to #PeaceWithJustice.

In the face of mob violence and political insurrection, we as followers of Jesus are called to be peacemakers. He didn’t instruct us to merely be peace lovers who call for unity and healing, but rather to act; and do the things that make for peace. Faith leaders know, as Pope Paul VI said, “If you want peace, work for justice.”

President Donald Trump incited a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol yesterday. His supporters invaded and desecrated the Capitol building, threatening the lives of all Capitol Hill personnel and members of Congress. With Trump flags and Christian symbols, along with the Confederate flag, the angry mob forcefully attempted to stop the process of confirming the Electoral College vote.

The Sojourners Board of Directors has appointed Rev. Adam Russell Taylor as the new president of Sojourners. This transition is the culmination of a multiyear succession planning process spearheaded by the Board and the organization’s founder, Jim Wallis, and timed to coincide with Sojourners entering its 50th year.

Joe Biden has been declared the winner in the United States Presidential Election. The election is over and the people have spoken. We want to congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris and are hopeful about their commitment to both healing and change.  As Christians we are called to love our neighbors and our enemies and prioritize protecting the most vulnerable while advancing the common good. This is a moment in which both political and faith leaders must find the courage and resolve to put our country and the common good over political idolatry and naked ambition. Leaders must stop making reckless statements about election fraud without evidence that continue to stoke partisan and political flames. We are calling for unity in this moment.

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Source: Associated Press | Elana Schor, Luis Andres Henao, and Jessie Wardarski

In nine of those battleground states, the Lawyers and Collars initiative – part of a partnership between multiple faith-based and civil rights groups – has signed up more than 100 religious leaders to serve as poll chaplains at more than 60 voting sites. The initiative also partners faith leaders and lawyers at polling places considered particularly vulnerable to disruption.“We’ve never done it at this level before,” said the Rev.

Source: Religion News Service | Jim Wallis

Last week, I sat on my couch watching a news report on long lines forming for early voting in Texas and Georgia — record turnouts despite cuts in the number of polling places and ballot drop boxes, ordered by those states’ white, Republican governors in an attempt to suppress the vote.


Source: The New York Times | Nicholas Kristof

There’s nothing inherently conservative about evangelical Christianity, for Black evangelicals mostly vote Democratic and there is a long tradition of liberal evangelicals from Martin Luther King Jr. to Jimmy Carter to the writer Jim Wallis. But in recent decades, white evangelicals have mostly voted Republican, and Duford and others engaged in the new outreach acknowledge that many find it somewhere between scary and unthinkable to break that tradition.

Source: The New York Times | Sandi Villarreal

Throughout the spring, I knew that I was deteriorating physically. The room would randomly spin around me, fatigue would set in and migraines would hit, distorting my vision and making it nearly impossible to look at a screen.


Source: Religion News Service | Jim Wallis

In nearly every presidential election cycle, a narrow set of so-called religious issues comes to the fore. In recent decades that set has been abortion, LGBTQ rights and religious liberty. Candidates fall on one side or the other, and predictable controversies erupt. It’s exhausting to see people of faith lumped into a media narrative that largely only follows white Christians.