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Jason Kirk’s new novel captures the faith and doubt and ego and shame and loneliness and horniness that came with growing up in post-9/11 evangelicalism.

The image shows a Nazi commandant smoking in his yard, and the photo was taken through bars on a fence. The man wears a white button up with a black tie.

In ‘The Zone of Interest,’ a Nazi commandant and his family live a seemingly normal life — next door to Auschwitz.

I watched the NFL Pro Bowl to support safer alternatives to our country’s unofficial religion.

Leah Payne’s new book, ‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You,’ tracks how CCM became a genre too often closed off to Black, queer, and other marginalized Christians.

The ‘Silence’ and ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ filmmaker traveled to the Vatican for a private audience with Pope Francis.

In the new Disney+ series, angsty preteen demigods offer a compelling portrait of why biblical lament can be so radical.

After 23 years, ‘Chicken Run’ is back with a story pulled straight from Exodus.

By supporting antisemitic and transphobic figures, the author betrays the theological vision of her beloved classic novel.

Set in 33 C.E., the film still addresses modern concerns: occupation and colonialism, wealth and debt, and the ubiquity of public executions.