Arts & Culture

Graphic of an abstract figure of a woman with a staircase leading up to her mind.

A poem.

The cover of 'Prey Tell' by Tiffany Bluhm. It has a yellow background with white feathers.

An excerpt from Tiffany Bluhm's 'Prey Tell.'

The cover of 'After Whiteness' by Willie Jennings.

Whiteness strangles the possibilities of dense life together, writes Willie James Jennings.

The cover 'The African Methodist Episcopal Church' by Dennis DIckerson

Dennis C. Dickerson on the legacy of the church's ancestors.

The cover of the New York Times Magazine that discussed the 1619 Project.

Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 reminds us that the concept of race in America began as a way to ensure domination by the wealthy.

A Korean father and his son stand in a field in rural Arkansas in a scene from Minari. Next to it is the cover of Asha Lemmie's novel 'Fifty Words for Rain'

Three culture recommendations from our editors.

The Morales family in the show Gentefied stand on a street in Los Angeles.

The representation, humor, and heart of Netflix's 'Gentefied.'

A shattered flower vase.

Kirsten Kelly and Rev. Tawana Davis help faith leaders address domestic violence.

Mako Fujimura holds a bowl with golden kintsugi cracks.

Artist Makoto Fujimura on loving what is broken and the holy work of repair.

A Memorial to Survivors of Sexual Violence in Minneapolis. The murals are done with mosaics of blue, silver, brown and red colors.

“It's for all the people hurt in the past who weren't able to speak their truth.”