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I read a lot of news this week, and Baldwin had something to say about all of it.

Allow us to steal a few minutes of your attention for stories that will steal your heart.

The Lakers are out, and critical race theory is in.

I’ve heard the objections, but I believe that sports offers valuable insights into what it means to be human.

I sang along to Audio Adrenaline's “Big House” then processed the toxic theology of my white evangelical upbringing.

The cover of 'Living Brave' has a photo of Shannon Dingle and her husband hugging and smiling.

An interview with Living Brave author Shannon Dingle.

The cover of 'Borders and Belonging' has a map in the background.

Amid all this noise, the quiet biblical Book of Ruth has something to say.

In this Chloe Wise painting, a man is hugging and touching the hand of a person with sterility gloves and purrell hand sanitizer..

Gallery hopping in a pandemic. 

The cover of Laura Mvula's album is a photo of her dancing among stars and galaxies, and the cover of 'Muslim Writers At Home' is a blue background with a pen.

Three culture recommendations from our editors.