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I mean, who doesn’t want Nate to get his due for ripping the “BELIEVE” sign in half?

“Have you thought about it, God? About my growing, I mean. I’ve got a bra now.”

In ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ we meet a creative, wrathful god. Sound familiar?

The new TV show from Peacock uses absurdity and genuine religiosity to tackle deep questions about faith and technology.

Resurrection means Empire doesn’t get the final word.

When you destroy a death-dealer you aren’t enacting violence — you’re bringing about life.

A cartoon illustration of a woman with orange skin and gray hair lying prone on the floor with a blank expression. She's wearing an orange shirt, blue pants, and green slippers. Chips and a crinkled green bag are spread out in front of her.

How to keep going and become a glorious serotonin vampire.

A comic book illustration of a male superhero in purple tights, a purple cowl, and red gloves. He's holding a woman in his arms in a city park as a police helicopter circles a tower in the background, where an explosion occurs on an upper floor.

We need our superheroes to save those trapped by the injustice of incarceration.

An illustration of blue disembodied hands pulling white strings in various directions in the shape of the Enneagram symbol. The background is a mixture of bright pastel colors of the rainbow.

Personality type indicators might seem self-centered, but they can be powerful tools for doing justice in our communities.