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All of them returned to the South’s frontline struggle for racial justice. 

Today, the United States and Iran are two countries on the precipice of war with ruling elites who quote Rumi.

The film criticizes an insular Catholic Church and the real suffering that type of entrenchment can cause.

One of these days we’ll get a blockbuster with the courage to imagine active nonviolent resistance, truthfully, to be even more exciting than blowing stuff up.

How early cinema nativism led an Asian American actor to success—and how the church helped crash his career.

Rian Johnson's lifting up of the least of these is what makes this movie valuable now.

Three culture recommendations from our editors. 

Rather than being for or against war, 1917 seems to simply want to depict what war is.

A review of Out of Darkness, Shining Light, by Petina Gappah.