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“There are many excellent biographies of Dorothy Day already written,” D.L. Mayfield writes. “This book does not claim to be one of them.”

The Muslim American protagonist shows us the messy work of finding our own way in the world between halal (permissible) and haram (not permissible).

For too long, the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women has been relegated to the shadows.

Cartoon-style illustration of a dark cave with Christmas lights around its mouth; the sleeve of a green sweater is visible out of the darkness of the cave and hands a red envelope to a snowman dressed as a mail carrier.

Alms for the swear jar?

The cover of 'Lapvona' featuring a tied-up lamb by Otessa Moshfegh.

In Ottessa Moshfegh's Lapvona, life becomes increasingly awful, with no end in sight.

The book 'Woman of Light' is tilted at a 15-degree angle on a dark green background. The cover depicts a woman standing on the plains with mountains and a sunset behind her

Woman of Light highlights the triumphs and struggles of a people surviving under white colonial violence.

Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick in 'The Good Wife.' She has shoulder-length brown hair, wears a gray blazer, and is sitting in a chair slightly offscreen, with a lamp off to her left.

The CBS drama establishes a powerful narrative about how much of ourselves to give to anyone — or anything.

The cover of Aretha Franklin's album "Young, Gifted and Black," featuring her in multiple poses with a stained-glass window in the background.

Half a century later, "Amazing Grace" — the best-selling gospel album of all time — still speaks to the Black experience and touches the souls of all.