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At every turn, Kenobi’s life illustrates service as sacrifice.

Ten stories that show how Roe's overturn will impact economically poor, politically marginalized, and socially vulnerable people — and what Christians can do.

The documentary is an invitation to change your mind, even if the path toward justice and inclusion feels lonely and messy.

“Social change work cannot principally be about resistance or a more ferocious revolution,” Patel told Sojourners.

A human hand and a robotic hand both reach for a vintage telephone on a yellow background.

Ten stories you won't find on a pre-recorded menu of options.

Bryan Cranston is the “good and faithful servant” in the new movie streaming on Paramount+.

The Apple TV+ series draws viewers into intimacy with scaly, feathery, extinct creatures of God.

We’re thinking Rahab would have loved ‘Brooklyn,’ ‘Blinded by the Light,’ and these three other films that portray immigration stories with nuance.

God cares about the whole of the human experience, not just an after party in the sky, Oladokun told Sojourners.

Actually just 10. But that’s five more than in Paul Simon’s famous song.