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A new film documents 21 years of life for Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, a drag queen rebel from a family of prominent Orthodox rabbis.

Bell ringer Katelyn MacDonald said Chappell Roan’s song was a perfect way for Duke Memorial United Methodist Church to signal its inclusion of queer people.

The image shows a group of people playing a game of dungeons and dragons, and half of the image is animated to show an alternative world.

Christians once saw the role-playing game as satanic. A group of Georgia pastors turned it into church.

The image is a picture of a priest on a stage with a green robe, with a stained glass window in the back

The recent revival of three plays subtly infused with Catholicism from the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.

The image shows a close up image of a girl smiling, she has braces that are red white and blue. There is text that reads "Girls State"

Three culture recommendations from our editors.

The image shows a man and a woman at a table, laughing about something. The man is shirtless with a red bandana on his head, and the woman has a red shawl thing and dark hair.

Wide, spacious shots and sparing cuts give Éric Rohmer's 1986 drama, The Green Ray, its power.

The image shows a throne made out of guns on a pink background

The arts help us operate outside of the conditions that fuel dehumanization.

The image show the green and blue cover of the book The Exvangelicals, by Sarah McCammon

In The Exvangelicals, NPR’s Sarah McCammon mixes journalism and memoir to wrestle with the ideas that shaped her life.

The image shows the cover of Kacey Musgraves' album "Deeper Well," in which she is holding a red flower.

Deeper Well is a reminder to slow down, go outside, and appreciate what we have.