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Our favorite books span many genres — poetry, memoir, speculative fiction, murder mystery, and more — but they all maintain gospel concerns.

A new film shows how wide the gulf is between the belonging within the walls of the Black church and the dehumanization outside of the walls.

Films and TV shows can reveal and indict unjust power structures, uncover buried histories, and point us to freer ways of being.

The newest Martin Scorsese film is an opportunity for Christians to interrogate how we harm the communities around us in the name of false love.

The cartoon shows an orange cat and a blonde girl facing each other, sharing a speech bubble with a heart in it. But the speech bubble is torn, to signify that they can't communicate with traditional language.

Lessons in communicating with your cat via the Holy Spirit. 

The image shows the cover of "The Country of the Blind" by Andrew Leland.

In The Country of the Blind, Andrew Leland reflects on the false binaries of blindness and sightedness.

The image shows the cover of the book "Reckoning with Power" but David E. Fitch

Reckoning With Power by David E. Fitch invites us to reframe how we think about power structures within the church. 

The image shows a couple sitting dow, wearing headphones, looking at a large, electronic egg. There is a woman standing behind them, watching.

Three culture recommendations from our editors.

The photo shows two men, one who is an angel and dressed in lighter colors, and another who is a demon dressed in black. The angel is looking at a clipboard and the demon is just standing there.

Good Omens revisits the story of Job, making it come alive in new ways with humor and new characters.