Matt Bernico is a digital organizer in the Fight for $15. He is an independent researcher with a Ph.D. in Media Communication. His primary research interests are at the intersections of religion, politics, and technology. You can hear more from him on the podcast he co-hosts, The Magnificast.

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Wage Against the Machine

by Matt Bernico 05-17-2021
Employers say there’s a ‘labor shortage.’ The Bible says workers deserve fair wages.

A McDonald's sign in in Tiegard, Ore., on May 4, 2021. Photo: Tada Images /

Rather than reflecting the truth of the motivations of both workers and employers, the "labor shortage" conversation is a tactic to adjust public perception and create the political will big corporations need to capture cheap labor –– it's propaganda at its most straightforward.

Christian Colleges Should Interact With World, Not Oppose It

by Matt Bernico 01-13-2020

Bob Jones University sign at entrance on Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville, S.C. Sept. 2007. Wikimedia Commons

Denny Burk, a professor at Boyce College, expressed an old strategy of Christian colleges to defend 'orthodoxy.'