Matt Bernico is a labor activist and writes on topics pertaining to religion, social justice, and worker activism. You can hear more from Matt on his weekly podcast, The Magnificast.

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Christians, It’s Time To Make Wage Thieves Weep

by Matt Bernico 08-19-2022

Cartoon of hands reaching for cash. Credit: Igor Sarozhkov / Alamy via Reuters.

Overall, according to the Economic Policy Institute, it’s estimated that employers steal around $15 billion in wages from workers’ paychecks each year. However, an important caveat here is that $15 billion is only what is reported. Wage theft is likely even more widespread, with many cases going unreported.

‘Creation Care’ Isn’t Enough. We Need Degrowth.

by Matt Bernico 07-28-2022

100 percent compostable Green recyclable coffee cups made with no plastic. Via Alamy.

Amid the avalanche of rogue supreme court decisions that have come out in the past few months, there’s one that has slid under the radar: West Virginia v. EPA.

I Paid Off My Loans. As a Christian, I Still Hope Biden Forgives Yours

by Matt Bernico 05-03-2022

People stand in a cage surrounded by signs with slogans that protest student debts. Image credit Reuters.

During my time in college and graduate school, I accumulated something like $50,000 in debt. So, you’d imagine I would be particularly excited about the prospect of Biden forgiving some of my debt. But I already paid off my student loans! Does that mean I rue others getting theirs forgiven? No! I am happy that other people may receive debt forgiveness even if it doesn’t apply to me.

Recent Union Wins Mean It’s Time for More Organized Religion

by Matt Bernico 04-06-2022

Amazon worker wearing a shirt that reads "Amazon Labor Union." Photo credit to Brendan McDermid. Image via Reuters. 

Corporations, politicians, and other monied interests are often trying to find ways to derail organizing. The failed Amazon union drive back in April 2021 is certainly a notable example of this. Yet as labor scholar and activist Jane McAlevey points out, it’s also true that the reason the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union failed in Bessmer, Ala., was because they didn’t organize and incorporate support from local faith communities. McAlevey writes, “The media often played up the faith-based aspect of the campaign, with key staff of the effort being faith leaders or people of faith themselves. But there was a near-total absence of Bessemer or local Birmingham faith organizations on the endorsement list of the campaign.”

Wage Against the Machine

by Matt Bernico 05-17-2021
Employers say there’s a ‘labor shortage.’ The Bible says workers deserve fair wages.

A McDonald's sign in in Tiegard, Ore., on May 4, 2021. Photo: Tada Images /

Rather than reflecting the truth of the motivations of both workers and employers, the "labor shortage" conversation is a tactic to adjust public perception and create the political will big corporations need to capture cheap labor –– it's propaganda at its most straightforward.

Christian Colleges Should Interact With World, Not Oppose It

by Matt Bernico 01-13-2020

Bob Jones University sign at entrance on Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville, S.C. Sept. 2007. Wikimedia Commons

Denny Burk, a professor at Boyce College, expressed an old strategy of Christian colleges to defend 'orthodoxy.'