the Web Editors 6-14-2019

Our new look, changes in the SBC, the real meaning of identity, hope for the long haul work of justice, and more in the Weekly Wrap.

Anna Sutterer 6-13-2019


From Vietnam to Mississippi, Wall Street to South Africa, racism, exploitation and violence were on full display.

A group of radical Christians in Illinois wanted to do more than just pray.

So we did.

We launched a prophetic magazine. We convened with leaders to create The Chicago Declaration.


Kaitlin Curtice 6-12-2019

We simply step into a current that is already moving.

Can theater nerds get a witness?

Aaron E. Sanchez 6-12-2019

The forces of erosion and conquest left only the names of places like scratch marks as the land fell from the grips of their empire into another.

Martin Luther’s revolutionary call for grace and spiritual self-determination would be turned on its head.

Itzbeth Menjívar 6-11-2019

When an organization fails to attract, empower, and retain the leadership of black women, everyone loses.

Jamar A. Boyd II 6-11-2019

Our unwillingness to fully readmit citizens into the larger fold of society must not become the normality.

Fran Quigley 6-10-2019

Americans are traveling to Canada and calling out the injustice of pharma corporations. 

Jacqui Lewis 6-10-2019

The decision to have an abortion is a deeply personal and agonizing one.