the Web Editors 2-21-2020

A nun’s Amazon journey, racist abolitionists, your right to vote, and more.

Martha Castro 2-20-2020

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have called on the Trump administration to impose sanctions on Egyptian officials responsible for imprisoning Kassem.

Ten years ago, Jews and Christians joined together to publicly declare their solidarity with American Muslims by launching the Shoulder to Shoulder campaign, a national interfaith campaign to end anti-Muslim discrimination and violence. A decade later, we are still standing strong together as the rights and dignity of our Muslim brothers and sisters continue to be threatened. In response to the administration’s expanded travel ban — which goes into effect Feb. 21 — the National Origin-Based Antidiscrimination for Nonimmigrants Act was brought to the House floor for a vote last week. We urge all people of faith and conscience to join us in calling for Congress to support the “No Ban Act."

Scottie Reeve 2-20-2020

This is a delicate moment for our small Pacific nation. We are in desperate need of voices of compassion and the nonviolent way of Jesus. And yet Christian conferences in Aotearoa New Zealand which draw thousands often feature communicators who were at The White House praying for Trump in October.

Adam R. Taylor 2-20-2020

Voter suppression tactics jeopardize the very legitimacy of the 2020 election. They also represent an assault on human dignity and imago dei, because as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so aptly put it, “So long as I do not firmly and irrevocably possess the right to vote, I do not possess myself. I cannot make up my mind — it is made up for me. I cannot live as a democratic citizen, observing the laws I have helped to enact — I can only submit to the edict of others.”

Melody Zhang 2-19-2020

On-the-ground solutions to environmental challenges are becoming the most effective and practical strategy. Cities today are leading the way on climate resilience strategies, which are specific to the city’s infrastructural, geographic, spatial and topographic makeup, through initiatives like 100 Resilience Cities and Climate Ready programs, which help cities prepare for the long-term impacts of climate change.

Kaitlin Curtice 2-19-2020

Recently I had the opportunity to read Aundi Kolber’s newest book, Try Softer: A Fresh Approach to Move Us out of Anxiety, Stress, and Survival Mode — and into a Life of Connection and Joy. The book quickly became a regular part of my self-care routine. Aundi is a licensed professional counselor and public speaker, and her work reflects the gentleness that so many of us need in a time in America when we are all a little (or a lot) frazzled by the social, political, and religious climate around us. We need books that help keep us tethered to the work of self-care so that we can do healthier work in the world. Try Softer is a book that can get us there.



Local 22 was a labor union in Winston-Salem, N.C., led by black women fighting for equal pay and equal rights for black workers in the 1940s.

the Web Editors 2-14-2020

Social reform evangelicals, Bill Barr’s authoritarianism, privacy in dating apps, and more.

The administration is pursuing every tactic at its disposal – many of which have been temporarily stalled by the courts – to impede the path to citizenship and to reduce legal immigration avenues to the U.S.