Greg Williams 6-18-2019

Many fear the Catholic Church has proven itself more concerned with reputation than with truth and justice.

Adam R. Taylor 6-18-2019

Do you remember where you were four years ago when you heard the news?

States and the federal government owe us intentional structural repair.

The document also called for some kind of "official ministry" for women in the area, although it did not elaborate. 

Removing a microphone from a black woman mid-sentence is white violence.

the Web Editors 6-14-2019

Our new look, changes in the SBC, the real meaning of identity, hope for the long haul work of justice, and more in the Weekly Wrap.

Anna Sutterer 6-13-2019


From Vietnam to Mississippi, Wall Street to South Africa, racism, exploitation and violence were on full display.

A group of radical Christians in Illinois wanted to do more than just pray.

So we did.

We launched a prophetic magazine. We convened with leaders to create The Chicago Declaration.


Kaitlin Curtice 6-12-2019

We simply step into a current that is already moving.

Can theater nerds get a witness?