That’s the hard decision facing us, we’re told: Sacrifice lives or sacrifice the economy. This is a false choice. Sacrifice is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be lives or our common well-being.

J. Dana Trent 3-24-2020

Our breath is our life source, God within us, all day, every day.

Miguel Petrosky 3-24-2020

Despite the switch of rhetoric on the coronavirus in the past week from both President Trump and Fox News, some church leaders still refuse to close their doors. They tend to fall into a few different camps.

Fran Quigley 3-24-2020

A doctor in Indiana confronts a shortage of protective equipment. 

Shannon Dingle 3-23-2020

We’re the canaries in the mine, sensing the danger before it comes, and I hope for all of us that next time you’ll listen sooner. Maybe we can all learn the words of Philippians 2:4, to not only look to our own interested but also to the interests of others, or Jesus’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Tom Krattenmaker 3-20-2020

A crisis like the coronavirus pandemic reveals who we are as individuals and society. When push comes to shove, as the saying goes, which side of us will have the final say?

Ruling authorities were concerned primarily about their image and standing with the public. The threat of the coronavirus was downplayed and ignored. They changed course and acted only after the evidence became undeniable. Even then a main concern has been to shift blame to others. Their obsession was with their reputation. Self-righteous defensiveness and pride governed power, rather than compassion and commitment to the common good. That is social sin.

Kaitlin Curtice 3-20-2020

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, I find myself waking up in the morning longing for something that will make me feel alive and tethered to hope. I scan my bookshelves for something that will remind me to keep going. I listen to music that helps me stay grounded and secured to goodness. We watch shows as a family and play board games so that we can laugh. We go on walks and chase the dogs in the back yard because we are trying to do this the best we can.

the Web Editors 3-20-2020

Lessons from plagues, the younger Catholic Workers, and loving your neighbor according to kids.

In some cities, mistrust was widespread. In others, people came together across religious lines.