The threatened raids have rattled immigrant communities and come after apprehensions of migrants on the southwest border hit a 13-year high in May before easing in June as Mexico increased immigration enforcement.

Aaron E. Sanchez 7-11-2019

A Univision poll found that millennial (ages 18-33) Latinx voters believed that Julián Castro did the best among all presidential candidates in the first Democratic primary debate. This demographic is important because nearly half of all Latinx voters in the U.S. are millennials. Castro is connecting with this emerging generation because of his shared experiences and shared convictions.

Jenna Barnett 7-10-2019

Just under a hundred days before their first World Cup match (in which they would score a record-breaking 13 goals), every member of the team filed a class action, gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation. The timing of the announcement conveyed that the 23 other teams in the tournament would not be the only opponents of the USWNT this World Cup.

Jim Wallis 7-08-2019

American church leaders are saying a clear and emphatic NO to a war with Iran. Diplomacy is the alternative to what would be a disastrous and indefensible war.

Juanita Cabrera Lopez, executive director of the International Mayan League and one of the organizers of the rally, said conditions have worsened since the nationwide protest against family separation last June. After the photo of a drowned Salvadoran father and daughter was published last week, Lopez said, the community became even more outraged.

Lu Zhao 7-03-2019

The Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy group promoting programs to eliminate homelessness, found that among homeless adults who identify with the gender they had at birth, 48 percent do not have any type of shelter. That compares with 56 percent of homeless transgender adults who had no place to sleep or live. The largest percentage of shelterless, homeless adults based on gender were nonbinary or genderqueer — identifying with neither of the two main genders.

the Web Editors 7-03-2019

The miracle of migration, writers on the border, James Dobson’s dangerous rhetoric, and more!

Jim Wallis 7-03-2019

It didn’t start well — this American nation conceived in America’s original sin of racial dehumanization of Indigenous land theft and the slavery of Africans. Yet, many of the ideals that the nation’s founders aspired to still hold the potential to build a future nation much better than the one we began with. And that has been the struggle ever since.

Pilar Timpane 7-03-2019

These retablos reflect on the faith that people had to begin the journey of migration, entering a foreign land. Often leaving family and home into the unknown, on a journey that is fraught with peril but also promise. Young fathers and mothers, children of families who will pray for them daily as they go. As the exhibit description mentioned, these retablos "depict a side of migration usually not told in statistical reports or even in detailed interviews of migrants."