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Weekly Wrap 1.30.15: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

by Sojourners Editors 01-30-2015

1. WATCH: The NFL’s Chilling New Anti-Domestic Violence Ad Will Make You Stop and Listen

The ad, which is set to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl and depicts a real-life 911 call, comes after a media storm uncovering high-profile domestic violence cases involving NFL players this past year.

2. The Problem with Immodest Pastors

Kaetlyn Beatypens this brilliant response to the #ChristianCleavage “debate,” the latest in the occasional flare-up of “ladies, let’s not cause our brothers in Christ to stumble by wearing _______.” (Insert: yoga pants, v-necks, makeup, high heels … y’know, clothes in general.) From the piece: “I truly care for the young men and women tasked with leading our churches. And my hope is to help them find their worth in Christ, and not succumb to what ads for Urban Outfitters’ new line of moto jackets portray as right.”

3. Let’s Talk About Millennial Poverty

“In the United States, approximately 15 [percent] of residents live below the poverty line and another 10.4 million are considered ‘the working poor.’ And yet, we have very, very concrete — and very incorrect — perceptions about how poverty actually looks. And it does not look like Millennial college grads. So we kind of keep ignoring it.”

4. Hundreds of Thousands of Children in Gaza Suffering from ‘Shell Shock’ 

"Children who saw their siblings or parents killed, often gruesomely, have been left stricken and around 35 per cent to 40 per cent of Gaza’s million children are suffering from shell-shock according to Hasan Zeyada, a psychologist with the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme."

Services of Healing: An Inner-City Physician Tells her Story of Work with the Poor

by Sojourners Editors 01-01-1985

An interview with Dr. Janelle Goetcheus of Columbia Road Health Services in Washington, D.C.

In Pursuit of Jesus

by Sojourners Editors 05-01-1984

An oral history of the Bruderhof. Interviews with elder Bruderhof members Hardy Arnold, Hans Meier, Winifred Hildel, Rudi Hildel, John HInde, Arnold Mason, and Gladys Mason.