Colton Bernasol is an editor and writer from Plainfield, Ill., a Southwest suburb in the Chicagoland area. He writes at the intersection of religion, society, and culture. You can sign up for his newsletter, Provisional, here.

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My Abuela's Belief and My Doubt

by Colton Bernasol 03-17-2023

Image of person making tortillas. Credit: Image by Dennis Schrader via Unspalsh.

I’ve never felt the certainty of divine presence in my life. I’ve chased it, I’ve wanted it, but I have never felt it. My religious experience is more akin to poet and essayist Christian Wiman’s experience. Wiman describes God as “... my bright abyss / Into which all my longing will not go.” I persistently feel my attempts to address God are met with emptiness, and yet I find it impossible to abandon the language of religion. What do I do about this “bright abyss” that I seek but never find? What do I make of this divine glow on the horizon of my experience that all but fades away when I seek it?