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‘The Things That Make For Peace’

Celebrating the peace work of retired Sojourners editor Jim Rice.
The image is a black and white photograph of a child on the shoulders of a woman, holding a ballon that says "stop the arms race, save the human race, no more hiroshima" and it is overlayed on a black and white image of people in a church.
Photographs by Ed Spivey Jr. and D. Michael Hostetler 

WHEN THE PRECURSOR to Sojourners magazine, The Post-American, was founded in 1971, it was in large part as a Christian response to the Vietnam War. While Sojourners was also a countercultural community equally opposed to the evils of racism, sexism, and materialism, a commitment to peace and nonviolence has always been at the center of our work.

Very few people have embodied that mission more than Jim Rice, who recently retired from our staff after more than four decades of faithful and courageous service. Readers may know Jim best as a long-serving member of the editorial staff of Sojourners, including 16 years as the editor, a tenure marked by many best-in-class awards for the magazine. Yet Jim’s time at Sojourners was also defined by a commitment to peacemaking, both before and after he joined the magazine staff.

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