Nonviolence and Peace

SojoAction: Nonviolence and Peace

Photo: Brandon Hook / Sojourners
Rose Marie Berger
Senior Editor, Sojourners magazine

Blessed are those who make peace. Since Sojourners began in 1971, we have emphasized nonviolence, peace, and restorative justice to build up the reign of God. From early protest against the Vietnam War and anti-torture campaigns to addressing today’s issues of drone warfare, mass shootings, non-state armed conflicts, and nuclear weapons, our commitment to peacemaking and in-depth exploration into nonviolent responses to violence remains firm.

We are working toward a world like the prophet Isaiah envisioned — where swords are turned into plowshares and nations study war no more.

Nonviolence and Peace

Our Work

Contact your senator and ask them Ratify the Arms Trade Treaty to protect the sacredness and dignity of every person by ensuring that the U.S. is committed to building secure peace and justice worldwide.
Time for a new paradigm in Palestine/Israel? Why settlements have made a two-state solution impossible.
...and other questions about Jesus' most controversial teachings.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Before the coronavirus, some people did that without a second thought; others struggled to breathe at all.
Nonviolence and Peace
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