Donor Services and Database Manager

Rachel Buller is the donor services manager at Sojourners. She grew up in an intentional Christian community located in Comer, Ga., called Jubilee Partners. At Jubilee, she learned to value cultural diversity, to practice a faith based on actions, and to share in the joys and complexities of daily life together. She participated in protests to abolish the death penalty and to close the School of the Americas, issues that continue to hold a place of significance in her life.

After graduating from Mars Hill College in North Carolina, Rachel completed two years of volunteer service at Asian Rural Institute (ARI) in Japan. Through her work at ARI, she has become interested in marginalized people, rural community development, and the practice of using sustainable agriculture techniques to achieve food security. She also believes in the power of nonviolence as a response to fear, and finds herself continually inspired by the courage of civil rights leaders from around the world. She is excited to be working toward social justice during her year with Sojourners.

Rachel enjoys traveling to different countries and experiencing the richness of life through the unexpected hospitality of others. She has treasured books and the magic of words from a young age, and she enjoys singing and walking in the woods, sometimes simultaneously.