Senior Adviser & Director of the President’s Office

Elizabeth Denlinger Reaves, senior adviser and director of the president's office, has been a member of the Sojourners staff since 2007. She is called to share God’s love with those around her through her gifts in administration, management, and spiritual discernment. Elizabeth has held several positions with Sojourners, including intern director, campaign director and deputy director for policy and outreach. She currently leads The Summit for Change: World Change through Faith and Justice, a leadership initiative of Sojourners.

Prior to coming to Sojourners, Elizabeth served as assistant policy director and conference director at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the leading organization for raising awareness and research funding of the disease. She has also worked at Drinker, Biddle, and Reath, LLP as a government relations associate and with International Justice Mission as a HR contractor.

Originally from the Sunshine State, Elizabeth graduated from the University of Florida where she produced the annual Women’s Leadership Conference. She is a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient and a professional clogging dancer. As an entertainer, she has performed in Costa Rica, Brazil, and across the southeast United States representing this folk dance tradition.

Elizabeth lives with her husband Scott and family in Washington, D.C., where they attend Washington Community Fellowship church, a multidenominational, evangelical congregation. She enjoys gardening, baking, and perusing local farmers markets.

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