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Reel Images of Immigration: Additional Films




Each day this week, we've featured a film featuring different aspects of the immigration debate, and how these issues relate to our faith. Narrowing down our selections to four films was difficult because there are so many great choices on this topic. Here, in no particular order, are the rest of the best. Check them out and download our film guide to host a screening on one that speaks to you.

Additional Films on Immigration

God Grew Tired of Us
Documentary (unrated); 89 minutes
Issue: God Grew Tired of Us looks at the journey of three boys from Sudan to America and their process of assimilating into American culture while remaining grounded in who they are and where they came from.
Guide: Discussion guide from National Geographic.

Which Way Home
Genre: Documentary (unrated); 90 minutes
Issue: Which Way Home focuses on child migration -- why they migrate and the struggles they face.

Sin Nombre -- Without A Name
Genre: Feature -- Drama (Rated R); 96 minutes
Issue: Border crossing from Latin America and the trials of the journey.

9500 Liberty
Genre: Documentary (unrated); 81 minutes
Issue: 9500 Liberty deals with the passage of an abusive anti-immigration law in Prince William County, Virginia. The film explores how the fear, ignorance, and insecurity of citizens, when coupled with politicians' motives, can have a devastating impact on immigrants.

Genre: Documentary (unrated); 95 minutes
Issue: The film exposes the shortcomings in our immigration system by looking at undocumented young people who have spent their entire lives in the United States and, upon graduating from high school, have few options for their future in America.

Entre Nos
Genre: Feature -- Drama (unrated); 81 minutes
Issue: Entre Nos is the story of Mariana and her children Gabriel, 10, and Andrea, 6. Together, they take us on a remarkable journey where we bear witness to a family's commitment to survival and their unrelenting hope for the American dream.

Crossing Arizona
Genre: Documentary (unrated); 75 minutes
Issue: The film exposes opposing sides of the immigration debate in Arizona.