Voices from the Gulf: Victims of the BP Oil Spill Respond

The God’s Politics blog launched “Voices From the Gulf” — a series of blog posts from people experiencing first-hand the devastating effects of the worst oil spill in American history. Check back often for more stories each week.

  • "One piece of the oil spill story that doesn’t get told very much is the psychological piece. My partner, who grew up in beach communities on the Gulf Coast and has a deep emotional connection to these landscapes, has become extremely depressed as the oil spill has unfolded. Watching the news coverage is almost unbearable for him. He feels helpless and frustrated." (Continue reading here.)
  • "Those of us living along the Gulf Coast are the sacrificial people and region for you and the rest of the Western world. We have been for many many generations. Sociologists would call us the subaltern; politicians would call us the ‘don’t counts’; economists call us disposable; geographers call us ‘ineducable’; religious people call us hedonists or sinners; educators call us backwards. We, like other regions of the world that have extractive natural resources and people who are not of the mainstream hegemony, become prey not only for the corporate world but for the rest of society that loves those extractive resources. People in Appalachia and the Navajo areas of this country that have valued resources for extraction can validate these claims." (Continue reading here.)
  • "Living in Mobile, Alabama during the Gulf oil spill has been like watching death creep up on us. Since the explosion on April 20, the evening news has been consumed with showing us the disaster. Yet as we all watch, we realize there is nothing we can do to stop the spread of the oil. It reminds me of all the hurricanes we have faced over the years. This, however, is different. This is a storm caused by humans." (Continue reading here.)

Read continued coverage of the BP oil spill on the God's Politics blog.

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