Some people may doubt that resolutions or recognitions make any material change, but I believe that any attitudinal and cultural change begins with words.

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The prequel to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ asks how those who hold status within oppressive societies can go on to lead an Exodus.

“Our next generation is being co-opted and indoctrinated where they should have been educated,” Rep. Nate Schatzline, R-Fort Worth, said at a Friday luncheon for pastors and churches. “We are in a spiritual battle. This isn’t a political one.”

Alessandra Harris imagines a world — and church — where Black people and all people are truly free.

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June 2024

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Climate financing proposed by the highest polluter nations is akin to blood money, the churches say.
An interview with Knesset member Ofer Cassif on the Oct. 7 Hamas attack and Israel's response.
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“I want to be the queer elder I never had.”

“We call this place Eden,” says Eduardo Rodríguez, gesturing to the location he has suggested for our interview. It isn’t hard to see why. A small stream winds its way through lush tropical foliage and smooth boulders; long vines hang from the canopy and dip into the crystal-clear pool created where the stream cascades in a small waterfall. 


My motherhood is not seen on TV.

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Faith leaders have a message for survivors. We believe you.