Amar Peterman is a graduate student at Princeton Theological Seminary, focusing his studies on American religious history. Amar is a featured writer for the Ideos Institute and his research has been featured in Faithfully Magazine, Fathom, Interfaith America, Shared Justice, and more. Amar holds a BA in Theology from Moody Bible Institute. You can follow his work at his website and by following him on Twitter: @amarpeterman

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A Dark Kid in a Sea of Whiteness

by Amar D. Peterman 07-09-2020

Living an embodied faith asserts meaning upon our bodies both as individuals, and in relationship to one another. This means that the places our non-white bodies inhabit tell a story in itself, just as God enfleshed “entered our lives, calling us from the tomb in which society has sought to confine us.” The shared space of believers living out the Christian faith in diverse, multi-ethnic communities is a witness to our world of the power of Jesus Christ.