July 2014

Cover Story

Public attitudes about mass incarceration are changing. But it will take a much deeper transformation to overturn this 21st century caste system.


Three steps for building a transformative movement for justice.
From Orange City, Iowa, to York, Nebraska, and across the Midwest, young organizers are cultivating hope in rural places.
Pope Francis is bringing renewed attention to Catholic social teaching—and not only for Catholics.
A testament of irrational fath and quiet, gracious miracles.
You may not recognize Robert Lentz's name, but you probably know the work of his hands.


Can a vote outlaw equal protection under the law? The Court seems to think so.
The term "anti-Semitism" hides an ugly history of racialized animus.
When the economic floor drops for everyone, it drops even lower for women.


And they're using it for themselves.
I wish I could end the war ravaging your country.
In everything he did, Glen sought to bring Christian ethics to public life.
A lot of problems stem from people lacking the courage to follow their moral core.

Culture Watch

"See," we tell ourselves, "we were so good once. How bad could we really be?"
From the Psalms to the Cloud: Connecting to the Digital Age. Pilgrim Press.
The Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World. HarperOne.
Visions of Vocation by Steven Garber / Anicent Sufi Invocations and Forgotten Songs from Aleppo by NAWA / Invisible Hands by Corinne Goria / Jacob's Choice by Ervin R. Stutzman  
Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces that Keep Us Apart. IVP Books.
A conversation with writer and performer Daniel Beaty.
At film festivals, because we're all living together for a few days, people let their guard down.


I enjoy comparative theology, but I have a hard time with your cover article (“Did Jesus Pray to Allah?”). First off, I think the article was disingenuously titled.
Katerina Friesen, a seminary student, knows the labor of love of land-based ministry.
David Gushee’s “In the Name of Security” (April 2014) is an outstanding article.
Reflections from the Common Lectionary, Cycle A
Reading “Did Jesus Pray to Allah?” made me think about the millions of Spanish-speaking Christians who invoke the name of Allah by using the Spanish word ojalá, and Portuguese-speakers who use oxalá
I consider the moonflower: / how the big spent blooms look like / three linen tea towels rinsed and wrung out
As a campus pastor I meet with many students each week.
“Did Jesus Pray to Allah?” (by Ryan McAnnally-Linz and Miroslav Volf, May 2014) was a bit of a stretch in an effort to make a good point. It’s like putting a single bed sheet on a double bed.

Web Extra

Daneil Beaty performs “Knock Knock,” a powerful poem that tells the story of his father’s incarceration.
Catholic social teaching's influence on various organizations.