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Hope, Promise, and Love

As a campus pastor I meet with many students each week. I wanted to thank you for your article on the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (“What is to Prevent Me from Being Baptized?” by Reta Halteman Finger, April 2014). In the past week I have talked with two students about this article and was able to share the hope, promise, and love of God through these words and this incredible story. One student identifies as transgender and was particularly moved by this piece.

Women and Islam

Regarding Eboo Patel’s “Three Myths about Islam” (February 2009): I have to take issue with his simplistic attempt to debunk myth two.

True Transformation

“God Behind Bars,” by Nancy Hastings Sehested, September-Octo­ber 2007) was a very good article.

Restoration vs. Retribution

Much grace and gratitude to you and Richard Rohr for "Beyond Crime and Punishment" (July-August 2002).

Decade of the Brothers Gibb

I READ ED SPIVEY’S "H’rumph’s" ("Facts of Life," September-October 1999) and laughed out loud. I too came upon the Bee Gees on TV in a "One Night Only" (please!) concert on PBS.

Caught Up in the Love of God

An interview with Arlo Guthrie