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Hope, Promise, and Love

Letter to the Editors

Letter to the Editors

Women and Islam

Regarding Eboo Patel’s “Three Myths about Islam” (February 2009): I have to take issue with his simplistic attempt to debunk myth two.

True Transformation

“God Behind Bars,” by Nancy Hastings Sehested, September-Octo­ber 2007) was a very good article.

Restoration vs. Retribution

Much grace and gratitude to you and Richard Rohr for "Beyond Crime and Punishment" (July-August 2002).

Decade of the Brothers Gibb

I READ ED SPIVEY’S "H’rumph’s" ("Facts of Life," September-October 1999) and laughed out loud. I too came upon the Bee Gees on TV in a "One Night Only" (please!) concert on PBS.

Caught Up in the Love of God

An interview with Arlo Guthrie