Rebecca Kraybill

Editorial Assistant

Rebecca Kraybill, originally from Lancaster, Pa., is the editorial assistant to Sojourners magazine. Her love for print publications started in elementary school when she submitted her so-called “jokes” to Reader’s Digest in the dream that they would be published. Though they never were, she has found that the power of the written and printed word has driven her since.Rebecca graduated from Goshen College in 2013 with a degree in English writing. While at Goshen, she served as the editor-in-chief of the college newspaper and a leader of the student women’s association. She spent a semester studying abroad in Sichuan Province, China.Journalism has become a way for Rebecca to explore her interest in words, people, and stories. She has reported for The Intelligencer Journal/New Era in Lancaster, Pa. and The Elkhart Truth in Elkhart, Ind.Rebecca is humbled to work in a setting where the stories of human struggle, compassion, and faith are told over and over again. She read recently that “some years ask questions and some years answer them.” She’s not sure yet if her year in D.C. will prompt more asking or more answering, but she’s glad that Sojourners eagerly welcomes both.

Posts By This Author

Six Questions for Kelly and Peter Shenk Koontz

by Rebecca Kraybill 08-05-2014

Kelly and Peter Shenk Koontz near Kabul. Photo by Grace Royer.

Peter and Kelly Shenk Koontz know the difficulties and joys of peacebuilding in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Five Questions for Katerina Friesen

by Rebecca Kraybill 06-04-2014

Katerina Friesen

Katerina Friesen, a seminary student, knows the labor of love of land-based ministry.

The Power to Heal

by Rebecca Kraybill 06-03-2014

Daniel Beaty in "Through the Night"

A conversation with writer and performer Daniel Beaty.

Pittsburgh Bridge Project Knits Together Communities

by Rebecca Kraybill 05-21-2014

At the project’s completion, almost 600 handmade panels covered the Andy Warhol Bridge. Photo:

Amanda Gross describes herself as a “weaver of things and people.”

Gross, a fiber artist based in Pittsburgh, Pa., has been weaving things — from quilts to bags to skirts — for years. But, as a “weaver of people,” Gross completed her biggest project yet this fall.

Gross is the head artist behind the Knit the Bridge project, a massive community effort that covered the Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh with knit and crochet panels. From August to September, Knit the Bridge workers installed 600 handmade blankets across the 1,061-ft. long bridge.

MAP: The Keystone XL's Path of Destruction

by Rebecca Kraybill 05-13-2014

A map of the proposed route for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Four Questions for Tyrone Parker

by Rebecca Kraybill 04-03-2014

Tyrone Parker, top row in red, with Alliance of Concerned Men participants.

Tyrone Parker works with urban youth and families in the nation's capital.

VIDEO: Host Your Own Agape Meal

by Rebecca Kraybill, by Ben Sutter 03-28-2014

Create your own scene from Corinth.

Twitter Conversation Responds to Myth That Clothing Encourages Sexual Violence

by Rebecca Kraybill 03-13-2014

@Steenfox started a conversation about sexual violence on Twitter.

Pink princess pajamas. Jeans and a t-shirt. Sweatpants and a baggy sweater.

When Twitter user Christina Fox (@Steenfox) asked her followers, “What were you wearing when you were assaulted?” some answered with these clothes.

Fox prompted the question after reading a story about a 60-year-old woman who was raped by her grandson.

AUDIO: Carol Roth’s Work with Native Mennonites

by Rebecca Kraybill 02-17-2014

Carol Roth offers support, resources, and ministry to Native Mennonites and their conferences.

Five Questions for Carol Roth

by Rebecca Kraybill 02-04-2014

Carol Roth (Photo courtesy of Everett J. Thomas/The Mennonite)

Carol Roth, a staff leader with Native Mennonite Ministries, connects Native Mennonites with the broader Mennonite church.