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AUDIO: Carol Roth’s Work with Native Mennonites

Carol Roth offers support, resources, and ministry to Native Mennonites and their conferences.

For Native Mennonites on rural reservations—many of whom live without internet or telephones—communication with the conferences of the larger Mennonite church can be difficult. Carol Roth hopes to change this. As a staff leader for Native Mennonite Ministries, Carol works as a liaison between Native Mennonites and their conferences, offering them support, resources, and ministry.

As Carol shares in an interview (Sojourners, March 2014), her unique upbringing has allowed her to straddle the Mennonite and Choctaw traditions. Listen to Sojourners editorial assistant Rebecca Kraybill talk with Carol about her work and the vision she holds for Indigenous people in the church.

Music courtesy of Mennonite Church Canada,

This appears in the March 2014 issue of Sojourners