Kristen Stewart's Princess Diana brings surrealism and tragedy to the onslaught of royal Christmas movies.

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Jesus has been westernized and whitewashed to fit an image of divinity that is more palatable to white people.

I confess that, growing up, I would have had a difficult time thinking about Jesus as a baby with Black or brown skin.

A painting depicting a Black Virgin Mary and Christ was recently stolen from Catholic University, becoming the latest example of discomfort with Black depictions of the sacred.

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December 2021

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Coercing communities to embrace industrial farming through AGRA is not a solution to poverty. 
Culture Watch
What the Met Gala reveals about media manipulation.
Grain of Salt
Christians are among those asking (if, for some, belatedly): 'What can I do?'
by World Renew

It’s not enough to carry bags of flour to those experiencing the impact of our actions. Our grief must play a part in generating climate-adaptive solutions for the most vulnerable now.


Vanessa Martinez Soltero is an activist bridging her Christian faith and Indigenous traditions to sustain herself and community.

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