The roads we build pave over history and shape our future.

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Faith leaders expressed relief at the verdict and grieved for Arbery’s family.

I spoke with a few of my sisters in ministry about the joys and challenges of Black women’s experience in the church and the world of theology.

As a prison chaplain, I see Black and brown kids with guns get harsh sentences — while white kids get mental health treatment.

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December 2021

Sojourners Magazine

Coercing communities to embrace industrial farming through AGRA is not a solution to poverty. 
Culture Watch
What the Met Gala reveals about media manipulation.
Grain of Salt
Christians are among those asking (if, for some, belatedly): 'What can I do?'
by ReWire

In practicing surrender daily, I began experiencing God in a way that infused a stronger sense of justice, mercy, and compassion without feeling overwhelmed by the work. By going inward, I was able to reach further outward. How is that possible? ReWire helped me make contemplation a daily practice.


Vanessa Martinez Soltero is an activist bridging her Christian faith and Indigenous traditions to sustain herself and community.

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Faith leaders have a message for survivors. We believe you.