Rev. Kyndall Rae Rothaus is the author of Thy Queendom Come: Breaking Free from Patriarchy to Save Your Soul (2021) and Preacher Breath (2015). She is a preacher, poet, feminist theologian, queer woman, storyteller, soul companion, and the co-founder of Nevertheless She Preached. 

After eight years working as a Senior Pastor, Kyndall left institutional church work to found her own practice as a spiritual director, working with individuals to heal from religious trauma and re-imagine their spirituality. Kyndall is also the proud adoptive mom of two rambunctious toddlers and two highly extraverted pets. You can learn more about her onher website,, or follow her on Instagram @KyndallRaeRothaus.

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What Does the Bible Say About Women in Ministry?

by Kyndall Rae Rothaus 06-14-2021

Rev. Denise Anderson pours the cup of Communion during the 223rd GA of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The Bible has more to say about women in leadership positions than we are often led to believe, and with the exception of that pesky little 1 Timothy passage, the biblical narrative about women leaders is overwhelmingly positive. Let’s take a look at 10 examples.

Bathsheba Tells Her Story

by Kyndall Rae Rothaus 08-28-2018

And it is with that hope that we continue to pray all our days, and with the passing of time, we begin to feel our hope is not in vain. We do not know where this assurance comes from. We do not know how or when, but we feel it, know it deep within that someday, somehow God will send a very different kind of king. We can only pray the world will be ready to receive him. He will be a man willing to be ruined on behalf of the people. If only the people will respond in like courage. Amen.

The Bent-Over Woman

by Kyndall Rae Rothaus 08-23-2018

If women had an equal voice in the church our conversation about sex in the church would dramatically shift to a focus on confronting violence and aggression. If women had equal voice the church wouldn’t be so reluctant to confront the prevalence of violent pornography.

Gladness Instead of Mourning

by Kyndall Rae Rothaus 08-18-2018

There is an unexpected reversal in our country: we are listening to women and powerful, abusive men are falling from glory. It feels to me like God’s love for justice is breaking in. Merry Christmas, y’all. This is what holy reversal looks like, and it is messy and it is uncomfortable and confusing and praise God, the status quo can never return.