Bell ringer Katelyn MacDonald said Chappell Roan’s song was a perfect way for Duke Memorial United Methodist Church to signal its inclusion of queer people.

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In a 9-0 ruling, the high court shot down a challenge to the FDA’s approval of mifepristone, allowing the drug to continue to be prescribed online.

People of faith have values rooted deeper than any political ideology.

The courageous actions taken by our predecessors aren’t just a milestone to celebrate with a nice speech; they reverberate through our work today.

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Christians would do well to reject the premise that there are throwaway people.
A look back at Rev. Will D. Campbell’s controversial commitment to people, not causes. 
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The recent revival of three plays subtly infused with Catholicism from the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.

“We call this place Eden,” says Eduardo Rodríguez, gesturing to the location he has suggested for our interview. It isn’t hard to see why. A small stream winds its way through lush tropical foliage and smooth boulders; long vines hang from the canopy and dip into the crystal-clear pool created where the stream cascades in a small waterfall. 


My motherhood is not seen on TV.

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Faith leaders have a message for survivors. We believe you.