A statue of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. outside Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, Ala., the starting point of the 1965 marches for voting rights.

We can honor King by working to restore the voting rights he knew were central to dismantling racism.

Lead Stories

Here’s why we must name King’s anti-capitalist commitments as a faith leader.

A tray with material for injections is seen at a supervised injection site.

Many Christians resist measures that make drug use less harmful, but that resistance is often rooted in myth.

As one character puts it: “May Jesus Christ bless every single one of you — especially the honorable members of my own party.”

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February 2022

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How can the nonviolent Messiah be conflated so easily with the violence of war?
"I had to retake the Enneagram test" and other reasons for taking a day off.
'Time to Grow' by Kara Eidson and 'Becoming Rooted' by Randy Woodley remind us that our bodies and souls are intertwined.

With continual uncertainty and insecurity, maintaining health care services in Haiti has become as much as a challenge as it is needed. “I don’t know what our patients would do if MSF couldn’t provide them with free health care anymore,” Joachim says. "The situation in Haiti is catastrophic. I only hope it could change."

What Are You Singing? title card

What rekindles our worship and wonder, causing us to reflect and repent, prompting us to hope and rejoice in this particular season of Advent? Perhaps the same spirit that moved abolitionists, advocates, and allies to pen our favorite holiday hymns can remind us of our reasons to rejoice.


Vanessa Martinez Soltero is an activist bridging her Christian faith and Indigenous traditions to sustain herself and community.