Michael Woolf is a doctor of theology candidate at Harvard Divinity School where he is preparing to defend his dissertation. He is a scholar of the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s. Michael is also the senior minister of Lake Street Church of Evanston, an American Baptist congregation in Evanston, Ill. You can follow him on Twitter @RevMichaelWoolf

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Using the Bible to Debunk 10 Myths About Reparations

A Black Lives Matter sign is seen near the corner of Emerson Street and Dodge Avenue in Evanston, Ill., U.S., March 19, 2021. REUTERS/Eileen T. Meslar.

Talking about reparations in church inevitably brings up theological and economic questions. Sometimes these questions are asked in good faith. Other times, these questions are based on myths that need to be deconstructed.