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Sojourners Magazine: September-October 1996

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Cover Story

The spiritual challenge of building a new politics


How Jesse Helms became my spiritual partner
An interview with Sen. Mark Hatfield
Church burnings and America's quest for racial healing
Mixing religion with politics is nothing new.


Most Christians this election will not be enamored with either presidential candidate.
The call to Christian mentoring
There is no easy road to Bosnian peace.
El Salvador's peace is still fragile.
The myths behind the Pentagon's billions
Together, abortion adversaries seek real solutions.


"Where is the arrugula salad with olive oil?" sniffed the New York Times food section fan inside me. "Comfort food," answered the inner child.
A H'rumphs take on the presidential candidates
If anyone had doubts before, all now know what is most important to the President. It is not the welfare of children.
It may be the most creative thing that’s ever happened in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta.
A collection of memories and well-wishes from the friends and family of Barb and Jim Tamialis
Clearly, the human community comes in all shades of black, brown, yellow, and white.

Culture Watch

The attempt to capture Dorothy Day on screen
The continuing tragedy in East Timor
Complications with the immigrant experience
Like all other values without price, Jefferson's ideal of an informed and enlightened electorate is out the window in the Free Market Era.
The music and reputation of Alligator Records
The struggles of abuse-survivors' spouses
Anyone who participates in or facilitates small group discussions will benefit from viewing "Genesis: A Living Conversation."
Home economics from different vantage points
Joan Chittester's journey to Beijing


Reflections of the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle A
Taking action: Tools for change
Resources for study and action
Call to renewal: News from the network
Chinese pro-democracy activist Harry Wu led 1,000 protestors to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., to kick off Amnesty International's Annual General Meeting in June.
Letter to the Editors
Bringing people together
Letter to the Editors
Letter to the Editors
Letter to the Editors