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Demetria on the character of Lupe

by Demetria Martinez 12-01-2008" wmode="transparent" flashvars="playlist_url=

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by Demetria Martinez 12-01-2008

La Anunciación

by Demetria Martinez 12-01-2008
Short fiction on new life in a new country.

Santa Barbara, California

by Demetria Martinez 02-01-2004

You see them

A Few of My Favorite Things

by Demetria Martinez 07-01-2003

The New World, by George Evans. In times like these I savor poetry that is prophecy, that moves nimbly between denunciation and annunciation.

Writing from the Crossroads

by Demetria Martinez 09-01-1996
Home economics from different vantage points

In The Price You Pay: The Hidden Cost of Women's Relationship to Money, Margaret Randall writes:

It is much easier, in today's United States and across class and cultural lines, to talk about sex, religion, or politics, than it is to truthfully tell one another how much we earn, need, spend, save, have—about how certain monetary customs hurt us, about the shame we were made to feel as children if we 'cost too much.'

Or the shame we feel as adults because we have too little or too much, or because we lack control over what we have. Because we have been manipulated by power wielded through money. Because we manipulate others, using money as bait or as a currency of domination.

How is it that money, once associated with goddesses of abundance, wounds individuals and generations of families? What creative financial arrangements are couples and communities undertaking to achieve healing and justice?

To answer these questions, Randall interviewed hundreds of women from every walk of life. The result is an immensely readable, brilliant work of social analysis that will make you weep (and sometimes laugh) with recognition.

"I knew 1,001 ways to make hamburger," says one woman, recalling her husband's compulsive spending on "expensive toys" such as cameras and motorcycles. Others tell childhood stories of abuse and lies associated with money and how these carried over into adult relationships—in everything from separate bank accounts to fights over finances and secret purchases.

Awake Before the Silence

by Demetria Martinez 05-01-1996

THE TASK of the novelist is to give the devil his due. I will leave it to the saints to manifest God's presence in their words and deeds. That is the art of saints.

Sexism: The Church's Homemade Yoke

by Demetria Martinez 02-01-1993

Controversy over the bishops' letter, "One in Christ Jesus"

The Politics of Polarization

by Demetria Martinez 11-01-1991

How can abortion rates be brought down when Roe vs. Wade is the law of the land?