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From the Archives: August 1998

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 07-09-2014
Football racism

FedEx Field (Anders Brownworth / Shutterstock)

A GROUP of Native Americans appeared before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to argue that “Redskins,” the name of Washington, D.C.’s football team, is racist and not deserving of federal trademark protection. Federal law states that a company name may not be “scandalous” or “disparaging.” ...

Offering an opinion is Chief Billy Redwing Tayac of the Piscataway Indian Nation, a Native American people who have been in the Washington area for roughly 10,000 years longer than the football team.

Cowboys, Indians, and Reconciliation?

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 12-12-2013

Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry: Conversations on Creation, Land Justice, and Life Together. Herald Press

From 'Iron Fist' to Hand of Peace

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 10-03-2012

Gangs in El Salvador call a truce from behind prison walls.

From the Archives: July-August 1996

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 07-01-2012

A Latino Pilgrimage

Love, No Matter What

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 08-01-2010
Tattoos on the Heart, by Gregory Boyle. Free Press.

Paint Your Faith: Graffiti Art as Witness

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 02-09-2010

One of the reasons the St. Francis quip, "Preach the gospel always, if necessary use words," is so often quoted is because it pokes fun at Christians' propensity to think sharing our faith is primarily about words. And for good reason.

Video About Paint Your Faith

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 02-01-2010

Against the gray of concrete and stone buildings, the vibrant colors of the Paint Your Faith mural on a wall of Metropolitan United Church in downtown Toronto can be seen from blocks away.

Healing and the Common Good

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 08-01-2008

Six myths about single-payer health care

Where the Spirit Leads

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 04-01-2008

Pentecostals may be the least known and most unpredictable group on the landscape.

PLUS: Latino Expressions of Faith and Justice

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 04-01-2008

Latino believers don't fit a single mold, and they have expressed their faith in the world in a variety of ways.

Holistic Healing

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 12-01-2007

Barrios Unidos isn’t what most people would think of when they hear the phrase “faith-based organization.” Even though it’s not aligned with any church or traditional religi

A Reformed System?

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 01-01-2005

Book Review: American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation's Drive to End Welfare (Viking: 2004).

A Few of My Favorite Things

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 09-01-2002

Leaving out my all-time favorites Carlos Santana and John Coltrane, whom I've written about for Sojourners, here are a few cultural artifacts I'm currently excited about.

Enlarging the Family

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 05-01-2002
TV's first all-Latino drama broadens the cultural picture.

A Lone Wolf in Africa

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 09-01-2001

How does one approach the task of writing about a continent as diverse as Africa, filled with extremes of poverty and beauty, suffering and hope?

Answers Blowin' in the Wind

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 03-01-2001

Like many North American Christians, I had my spiritual journey upended in the 1980s by an encounter with poor believers from Latin America.

Honkey Payback

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 01-01-2001

Honky, by Yale sociologist Dalton Conley, is a memoir of growing up during the 1970s and 1980s in the projects of New York's Lower East Side.

King of Heart and Soul

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 09-01-2000
The infectious spirit of Tito Puente

The Fire for Survival

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 05-01-2000

Native struggles for environmental justice.

It's the Real Thing

by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 09-01-1999
Notes from a new generation