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In what is surely a first for Sojourners, this issue prominently features the words and thoughts of not just one, but two U.S. senators: Democrat Bill Bradley of New Jersey comments on America's racial divisions and the search for healing in an article adapted from a speech he gave in June. In an interview by Jim Wallis, Republican Mark Hatfield of Oregon reflects on his long senate career. Both Bradley and Hatfield are retiring this term; both are known for being independent thinkers.

Sojourners' predecessor was called The Post-American. The somewhat ragtag group of seminary students putting it together sent a copy of their first issue to Sen. Hatfield in 1971, since he was the only politician they thought would be interested. (Hatfield was both a known evangelical Christian and publicly against the Vietnam War, an utter rarity at the time.) He was interested, and wanted to talk to the editors of this new publication. This was easier said than done, since there was no office and no phone number for The Post-American. Luckily, Hatfield's staff persevered, tracking down someone nearby who did have a phone, and a good friendship was begun.

Also in this issue, we have some of the fruit of travel by staff members. Our "Commentary" section includes editorials by Hugh Brown on El Salvador and Rose Marie Berger on Bosnia, both drawing on their experiences in those countries on recent trips. Julie Polter's editorial also drew on her travels-to Madison, Wisconsin, where she attended the first national conference of the Common Ground Network for Life and Choice.

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 1996
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