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Supreme Illogic

by Joe Nangle 11-01-2008
Catholic social teaching and gun control.

A Second Spring

by Joe Nangle 08-01-2007
The continuing vitality of liberation theology

Still Scandalous

by Joe Nangle 06-01-2004
Has the Catholic Church learned anything?

A Living Example

Brazilian Catholic archbishop Helder Camara brought a "preferential option for the poor" to the center of Christian social thinking.

Fully Alive!

by Joe Nangle 11-01-1999

Heart surgery opened my arteries---and my eyes.

The Daily Grace of Give and Take

by Joe Nangle 03-01-1999

The final column of a six-year run gives the author permission to write in the first person, wouldn't you say?

The Children's Funeral Parish

by Joe Nangle 01-01-1999

Early in the 1980s, I served a parish in Woburn, Massachusetts. This suburban city, some 12 miles north of Boston, had boasted of tanneries for 300 years.

Whose Life Is It, Anyway?

by Joe Nangle 11-01-1998

Ecology does not begin and end with the human, but it certainly includes us. All other beings share the planet and the cosmos with us, and we with them.

A Spirituality of Ecology

by Joe Nangle 09-01-1998

Put aside the Holy Scriptures for a while and read God's first revelation—nature itself. Such was the advice offered some years ago by a profound, Christian thinker.

The Nature of God

by Joe Nangle 07-01-1998

Some days ago I received an unexpected call from Lima, Peru. A brother Franciscan there told me that Olga Valencia had died and, knowing of my friendship with her, he had attended the funeral.