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Restoring Hope in Haiti

by Joe Nangle 02-01-1993

What is to be done in Haiti?

Terror on the Left

by Joe Nangle 12-01-1992

On September 12 in Lima, Peru, a special SWAT team captured Abimael Guzman, head of the Peruvian terrorist organization, Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path).

What Happens When a Society Ignores Its Prophets?

by Joe Nangle 12-01-1992

The Lessons of Peru

Latin Bishops Offer Hope

by Joe Nangle 11-01-1992

A gathering of Latin America bishops

A Grand and Humble Finale

by Joe Nangle 11-01-1992

With these readings, the liturgical year comes to a close

A Test of Mettle in the Middle East

by Joe Nangle 10-01-1992

Rabin and his Labor government

Sanctions: A Better Way Than War

by Joe Nangle 08-01-1992

Economic sanctions have taken on new importance in modern international relations. 

Squander Not the Grace of God

by Joe Nangle, by James Lawson 07-01-1992

God's voice in the burning bush.

The AIDS Pandemic: Challenge to the Church

by Joe Nangle 06-01-1992
Those working directly with people with AIDS have known the extent of the crisis for years and have desperately tried to focus society's attention on it.

A recent study by researchers at the National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Washington, D.C. Commission on Public Health found that AIDS cases in the capital likely will triple within five years. From a total of 3,500 cases last year, 10,000 District residents are expected to have AIDS by the mid-l990s.

This preview of Washington, D.C.'s immediate future constitutes more than a wake-up call; it is a fire alarm that should shake us out of our somnolence and neglect toward the pandemic that grips this city, the entire United States, and the rest of the world. The capital gives witness to a deadly disease now present in 163 countries and, according to World Health Organization projections, destined to infect as many as 40 million people by the year 2000.

Those working directly with AIDS sufferers—particularly those in the gay community—have known the extent of the crisis for years and have desperately tried to focus society's attention on it. Today the virus cuts across all lines in our society. While still devastatingly high among homosexual and bisexual men, the number of new AIDS cases among heterosexuals in Washington, D.C., will explode by 1995, according to the study; drug users will account for more than half of all new cases. The number of D.C. children with AIDS is expected to grow from about 500 now to nearly 1,300 by 1996.

These projections give serious pause to those involved in caring for persons who are HIV positive or have AIDS. One clinical psychologist with an already full case load, on top of group work and supervisory responsibilities, wonders if his burden—and that of others in similar positions—will triple in the next five years.

Rising Stakes in Israeli-Arab Stalemate

by Joe Nangle 05-01-1992

Israeli settlements in Occupied Territories threaten fragile peace process

El Salvador's 'Negotiated Revolution'

by Joe Nangle 04-01-1992

Where are the churches in El Salvador?

East Timor: A Test of Conscience

by Joe Nangle 02-01-1992

December 7, 1991, was the anniversary of another tragedy besides the bombing of Pearl Harbor: the beginning of East Timor's crucifixion in 1975.

Hostage Homecoming

by Joe Nangle 02-01-1992

What a homecoming it is! One after the other we have seen hostages held in Lebanon set free.

Communities Sharing the Sojourn

by Joe Nangle 02-01-1992

An introduction to "Sharing the Sojourn"

The Journey Into Lent

by Joe Nangle 02-01-1992

From pre-Lent to Lent

A Tragic Year Later

by Joe Nangle, by Tim Cote 01-01-1992

Infant mortality in post-war Iraq

Jesus, the Divine Gift

by Joe Nangle 01-01-1992

A liturgical season of joy and wonderment

Pedro Arrupe

by Joe Nangle 12-01-1991

The other Basque

Peru's Trial

by Joe Nangle 11-01-1991

Peru today displays all the elements of a historic tragedy

Consent to Killing?

by Joe Nangle 10-01-1991

The brutal murder of six prominent Jesuit priests and their two co-workers at the University of Central America (UCA) in November 1989 shocked the world.