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Community As Home

by Joe Nangle 05-01-1994
Sustaining the witness of the faithful.

Graceful Transitions

by Joe Nangle 04-01-1994
The rituals of welcome and mission

Theology and Revolution In Mexico

by Joe Nangle 04-01-1994

Who directed the following words to the Indian population of southern Mexico?

Our Journey Together

by Joe Nangle 02-01-1994
The first year of "Sharing the Sojourn"

Square Pegs, Strong Love

by Joe Nangle 01-01-1994
When community is disrupted

Rooted in Reflection

by Joe Nangle 12-01-1993

Incarnating God's Word in community

On the Brink of Chaos

by Joe Nangle 12-01-1993

Since last August the National Lawyers Guild has maintained a Haiti Human Rights Support Project in that country.

Into the Frying Pan

by Joe Nangle 12-01-1993

While Haiti seethes with the fire of democracy betrayed, the cry for justice remains unquenched.

An Unimaginable Peace

by Joe Nangle 11-01-1993

The sight of Yasir Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin shaking hands over a peace accord between their peoples evokes prophetic images.

A Moveable Feast

by Joe Nangle 11-01-1993

The Many Paths to Community


The transforming joy of intimacy.

Consensus Decision Making

by Joe Nangle 09-01-1993

The unwieldy work of the Spirit

Authority in Service of Community

by Joe Nangle 08-01-1993

Decision making and authority go hand in hand for communities. The style of authority accepted by the group dictates the way decisions will happen.

The Binding Power of Prayer

by Joe Nangle 07-01-1993

Prayer binds a community together. Sharing in common what Latinos call "our solid moments before God" provides the glue needed to keep community going.

A Vocation of Resistance

by Joe Nangle, by Jeff Shriver 06-01-1993

An interview with Ricardo Falla, SJ

A Truth Commission for El Norte

by Joe Nangle 06-01-1993

The United Nations Truth Commission on El Salvador and the challenge to the US

Baseball's Season of Disillusion

by Joe Nangle 05-01-1993

Why is it that Baseball '93 does not send my spirit soaring once again?

Spring Actions of Hope

by Joe Nangle 05-01-1993

The spring of 1993 lends itself, tragically, to efforts aimed at combating racism.

Getting Started: The Plunge Into Community Leadership

by Joe Nangle 04-01-1993

For congregations and parishes that take seriously the task of community building, the preparation of leadership ranks as a top priority.

A Prophet's Return

by Joe Nangle 04-01-1993

When the Nobel Prize didn't return home with its recipient