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Spirited Leisure

by Jeff Shriver 03-01-1997

I WANT TO congratulate Jim Rice on a fine article on the spirituality of leisure ("Why Play?" January-February 1997).

A Stubborn Hope

by Jeff Shriver 01-01-1997
Poverty is now the enemy as Nicaraguans battle on.

Gen X and the Future of the Church

Our faith has to be alive and light fires within our confused and fragile hearts or it is as meaningless as yesterday’s E-mail.

For Love of Creation

by Jeff Shriver 09-01-1994
One congregation's environmental program.

Opposites Attract

by Jeff Shriver 08-01-1994
The blended beauty of Indigo Girls.

Border Patrol: Organizing for Justice in Maquiladoras

by Jeff Shriver 07-01-1994

Tijuana. Nogales. Matamoros. Ciudad Juárez. Nuevo Laredo. What comes to mind when you hear these names of U.S.-Mexico border towns?

A Fragile Culture

by Jeff Shriver 05-01-1994

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A Faith to Move Mountains

by Jeff Shriver 05-01-1994
Shaking the foundations of power in Mexico.

"Saving" the Planet

by Jeff Shriver 11-01-1993

Tony Campolo's evangelical environmentalism.

A Vocation of Resistance

by Joe Nangle, by Jeff Shriver 06-01-1993

An interview with Ricardo Falla, SJ