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Living the Word

by Kari Jo Verhulst 11-01-2002
Bible Study

The Agitating Word

by Kari Jo Verhulst 09-01-2002
Bible Study

Living As God's Beloved

by Kari Jo Verhulst 07-01-2002

Bible Study

God So Loves This World

by Kari Jo Verhulst 05-01-2002

These weeks from Easter to Pentecost memorialize the calling forth and sending out of Jesus' witnesses.

A Mysterious Joy

by Kari Jo Verhulst 03-01-2002

Years ago when my mother was quite ill, a friend copied a poem and surreptitiously slipped it into my Bible.

Remembering Who We Are

by Kari Jo Verhulst 01-01-2002

The journey from Epiphany to Lent brings us from the brightness of our dawning to the bleakness of our sinfulness.

Getting the Story Right

by Kari Jo Verhulst 09-01-2001

When Jesus met the Samaritan woman, he was talking to us.

Image Is...Well, Something

by Kari Jo Verhulst 05-01-2000
Benetton's ads open eyes. Can they say lives?

The Dangers of De-Fanging God

by Kari Jo Verhulst 11-01-1999

When I was a girl of 7 or 8 years, I laid awake most nights praying to have a friend.

Fearless Curiosity

by Kari Jo Verhulst 09-01-1999
The irreverent offerings of "This American Life.'

Sex Matters

by Kari Jo Verhulst 07-01-1999

Why we can't ignore gender bias in the classroom.

Agents of the Kingdom

by Kari Jo Verhulst 09-01-1998

To be agents of the kingdom of God is a full-time occupation. It requires a whole-life commitment; it requires preparation and energy.

Stories Not Forgotten

by Kari Jo Verhulst 11-09-1997

Young girls tell of the Holocaust.

Yearning to Breathe Free

by Kari Jo Verhulst 07-01-1997
Attitudes toward immigrants grow harsher

Lifting Up Women

by Kari Jo Verhulst 11-01-1996
The irreplaceable voice of Daughters of Sarah.

Full of Grace and Truth

by Kari Jo Verhulst 05-01-1996
The power of God in the creative vocation.

Dealing With Difference

by Kari Jo Verhulst 01-01-1996

When cultural diversity clashes with human rights.

Gathering in Power and Hope

by Kari Jo Verhulst 09-01-1995

When the government of India launched a nationwide literacy campaign a few years ago, chances are alcohol abuse was not one of its targets.

Market-Driven Sexuality

by Kari Jo Verhulst 05-01-1995

In the early days of the Gulf war, ABC's Nightline took a break from round-the-clock coverage of lit-up skies and talking dignitaries and shifted its attention to MTV...

Gen X and the Future of the Church

Our faith has to be alive and light fires within our confused and fragile hearts or it is as meaningless as yesterday’s E-mail.