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The Fracture of Good Order

by Jim Forest 11-27-2012

The Catonsville Nine: A Story of Faith and Resistance in the Vietnam Era. Oxford University Press

The Seen and Unseen

by Jim Forest 02-01-2010

City of Belief, by Nicole d'Entremont

A Pro-Lifer Who Welcomes the Obama Presidency

by Jim Forest 11-14-2008
In many situations I'm hesitant to use the term "pro-life," as for a lot of people it really means nothing more than "anti-abortion." To be pro-life should mean doing all that one can to protect li

The Church's Role in the Georgia-Russia Conflict

by Jim Forest 09-11-2008

The recent Georgia-Russia mini-war in and around South Ossetia was definitely not a religious war, but it serves as a reminder that religious identity doesn't even come in third place when issues of national identity are at issue. While the battle raged, the majority of participants -- and casualties -- were Christians on both sides.

In both countries, the Orthodox Church [...]

No Secrets

by Jim Forest 06-01-2006

I wonder if there are not many Sojourners readers who were dismayed with Brian McLaren’s essay in the March 2006 issue (“Found in Translation”)?

'Saint' Dorothy

by Jim Forest 01-01-2005

Book Review: Dorothy Day: Portaits by Those Who Knew Her (Orbis Books: 2003).

E-Mail from Hell

by Jim Forest 09-01-2004

Words of wisdom for a devil-in-training

Opening Heart and Home

by Jim Forest 07-01-2004
Dorothy Day taught us the real meaning of hospitality by the way she lived day to day.

An Unexpected Merton

by Jim Forest 11-01-2000
The Trappist's voice continues to resound.

A Living Example

Brazilian Catholic archbishop Helder Camara brought a "preferential option for the poor" to the center of Christian social thinking.