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The Russian Transfiguration

by Jim Forest 11-01-1991

The church of a changed people

Eyes of Compassion

by Jim Forest 07-01-1991

The images of Fritz Eichenberg

Measured by Love

by Jim Forest 01-01-1988
An Invitation to the Peaceable Kingdom

Our Mutual Humanity

by Jim Forest 02-01-1987

Fostering Friendship With the Enemy

Not an Ounce of Fat

by Jim Forest 12-01-1985

Bill Stringfellow made me realize we live in a world, and a church, crowded with idols.

In the Breaking of the Bread

by Jim Forest 04-01-1985

Recognizing the face of Jesus.

Jelly Beans, Baseball, And A Long Stemmed Rose

by Jim Forest 12-01-1984

Memories and Messages: On A.J. Muste.

No Time for Yawning

by Jim Forest 04-01-1984

We live in a society of unconfessed despair.

Be Not Afraid

by Jim Forest 12-01-1983

The angel's message to the shepherds.

Whisper of Conscience

by Jim Forest 05-01-1983

Civil disobedience: a forum

A Contagion Of Peace

by Jim Forest, by Peter Herby 02-01-1982

Hollanditis spreads through Europe

New Life In Dry Bones

by Jim Forest 02-01-1982

Conversation with a Dutch peacemaker.

Children of Ishmael in the Promised Land

by Jim Forest 10-01-1980

Conversation with a Palestinian Christian priest.

Small as a Mustard Seed

by Jim Forest 05-01-1980

The history and witness of Scotland's Iona Community.

Astonishing Hope

by Jim Forest 02-01-1980

Good news in a time of despair

There was Always Bread

by Jim Forest 12-01-1976

A Short History of the Catholic Worker Movement

an original poem

by Jim Forest 10-01-1976

the cross:
death's intersection
with birth