July-August 1997

Cover Story

Tapping into the imagination of God
Women comment on life in the church
A conversation with Miriam Therese Winter on imagination, women in the church, and finding God between the lines.


Exploiting power for sexual gratification
When most people hear "Silicon Valley," words such as clean, pure, technologically developed, and high personal income usually come to mind.
The opportunities and limitations of student loans
by: Jen Kilps
Women heroes of environmental activism


Arafat's squandered opportunity
by: Jim Rice
But is it or us to decide which is which?
New alliances highlight anti-poverty forum
by: Mark Farr
Tibet continues its 37-year fight for freedom
Timothy McVeigh is more "one of us" than we like to admit
Attitudes toward immigrants grow harsher


Someday when I see the sale card announcing "12 Lemons for a Dollar" at the grocery store, I’m going to buy all 12 instead of just two or three.
This column was adapted from a sermon preached by John Hulden at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead, Minnesota, on Sunday, April 13, 1997...
On issues ranging from poverty to China policy to abortion, some unexpected allies have recently emerged in Washington and around the country.

Culture Watch

During Easter weekend this year, I finally visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland.
The world according to Victoria Williams
The theological assumptions of Alcoholics Anonymous
Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
The Crucible continues to unmask the powers
The changing role of the hero in comic books
When I close my eyes and think of Michael Jackson (who, by the way, is my age), I prefer to remember the 6-year-old of the Jackson 5, singing "ABC" or "I Want You Back." 
Meeting God for lunch @ the Global Ethics Café
Crediting young women with intelligence
Resilience and courage in the face of welfare cuts


The War Resisters League, a 75-year-old pacifist organization, is launching a new campaign to help people realize what it would be possible to accomplish in their communities if
YOUR MAY-JUNE 1997 cover ("All Together Now!") was timely. We’ve got to work together. It brought to my mind a childhood memory.
The Seamless Garment Network, a diverse coalition of more than 150 groups advocating a "consistent life ethic," celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.
Volunteer Opportunities
In what has been called the "Top Censored Story of 1996," NASA has plans to launch 72.3 pounds of deadly plutonium-238 aboard its Cassini probe to Saturn on October 6, 1997.
IN "LETTERS" (May-June 1997), Lorna Diggle responded to an article on Mary Magdalene ("Revisioning Mary Magdalene," by Kimberly Burge, March-April 1997) and asked about the avail
I’M WRITING IN response to "Why Work?" by Julie Polter (January-February 1997). Welfare’s impoverished recipients are not its only dependents.
I DEEPLY CONNECTED with "All Together Now!" and the other articles on the richness of ecumenical participation.
Miriam Therese Winter is a Catholic sister teaching in a Protestant seminary.
Citing the existence of "a generation of de facto orphans now drowning in their own blood," the Ten Point Coalition, a church-based anti-crime network based in Boston, is ex
JOYCE HOLLYDAY in "A Circle of Faith" ("Signs & Wonders," March-April 1997) indirectly raises a fundamental issue regarding worldwide and historical Christian identity.
Local actions build energy for fall national conference
IT WAS WITH great interest that I read Jim Wallis’ column ("Hearts & Minds") in the May-June 1997 issue.
"God’s saving justice is never served by human anger," points out James in his letter to Christians struggling against the power structures that threatened to consume the Christian Community.
A movement for community food security
THERE’S A PARTING in the clouds and the sun is beginning to shine because when "we" the church passed the buck to bureaucracy to handle our responsibilities of charitable se
NICE ISSUE (May-June 1997). Good to know there are still a few Beatles fans in your organization ("All Together Now!").
THANK YOU FOR naming the experience of ecumenism ("All Together Now!" by Jim Wallis, with others, May-June 1997).