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Holy Warrior Nuns, Batman!

by David A. Wade 07-01-2004
Comic books take on the world of faith and spirituality.

Zacchaeus and the Future of the Church.

by David A. Wade 11-09-1997

Mary Cosby tells the story of writing in her journal that Gordon "sauntered into his 80th year with a new call."

On Earth as in Heaven

by David A. Wade 07-01-1997
The changing role of the hero in comic books

The Mystery of the Resurrected Rabbi

by David A. Wade 01-01-1996
Jesus provides the way of faith.

When the Music Stops

by David A. Wade 11-01-1995

Every year, at our family reunion, one more seat of memories and laughter is empty.

Keeping the Promise

by David A. Wade 07-01-1995

Retro is a term used by graphic artists to describe a style of American design from the 1950s.

Deeper into God: Spirituality for the Struggle

by David A. Wade, by Desmond Tutu 08-01-1988

An Interview with Desmond Tutu

The Risks of the Reconciler: An Anglican Canon Reflects on his Vocation of Reconciliation

by David A. Wade, by Paul Oestreicher 07-01-1988

An Interview with Paul Oestreicher.

'To Love When Others Hate': A Journey of Obedience to God

by David A. Wade, by Beyers Naude 02-01-1988

An Interview with Beyers Naude