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The Seamless Garment Network, a diverse coalition of more than 150 groups advocating a "consistent life ethic," celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The Seamless Garment Network was formed to address inconsistencies in ideologies and politics surrounding issues of violence.

"Both the Left and Right have a pick-and-choose mentality that says some human life is more important than other human life," says board member Ruth Enero. "All human life is to be respected from birth to natural death and all the places in between, whether on death row or on welfare."

More than 750 people came together in April to oppose a proposed radioactive-waste dump in California’s Ward Valley. The three-day gathering was hosted by the Colorado River Native Nations Alliance, a coalition of local indigenous peoples who have vowed never to allow a dump to be built on their traditional and sacred lands.

"This nuclear dump project is a threat to our people and is a threat to the river that is our life’s blood," said Steve Lopez of the Fort Mojave Indian tribe. "We will not let this project kill our people, no matter what it takes to stop it from being built."

The Ward Valley Emergency Response Network can be contacted at (619) 326-6267.

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Sojourners Magazine July-August 1997
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