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Sojourners Magazine: January 2013

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Cover Story

Jim Wallis interviews Richard Viguerie, a law-and-order conservative, on the death penalty and prison reform.
Theological considerations should frame the Christian response to capital punishment.


Sidebar to "Gandalf, Gollum, and the Death Penalty"
A small congregation in Kentucky demonstrates how your church may have more money—and power—than you think.
Your congregation—large or small—has more to invest than you might expect.
The new Louisville Loan Club is a way to protect people from the shark pool of payday lenders.
Building community and clout through congregation-based organizing.
Death penalty statistics


The U.S. should repent of seeing guns as sacred; sane laws would be a start.
Big Money's corrupting influence on the elections is way out of hand. Here's how to fix it.
We should honor slain diplomats by keeping the flame of diplomacy alive.


Attitudes toward capital punishment are changing, including among conservatives.
May God cause us to cry out to those mountains of injustice, "Oh freedom!"
Superstorm Sandy left behind an indelible image of the future.
What's next, frogs and locusts?
Before the election, several bishops went so far as to threaten their parishioners with eternal damnation if they voted for Obama.

Culture Watch

The Walmart workforce has begun to publicly rattle its chains.
"The Catonsville Nine: A Story of Faith and Resistance in the Vietnam Era," Oxford University Press
Three of the best films of the year: Samsara, Looper, and Seven Psychopaths
"The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto," SmileyBooks
Betsy Shirley talks to author Francisco X. Stork about helping young adults ask the hard questions.
Four January 2013 culture recommendations from our editors
Adapted from "Women as Compassionate Champions: The Doers and the Leaders," by Nyambura J. Njorage, in "Women, HIV, and the Church: In Search of Refuge"


Letter to the Editors
Letter to the Editors
Reflections on the Common Lectionary, Cycle C
Kelvin Hazangwi, executive director: Padare/Enkundleni Men's Forum on Gender in Harare, Zimbabwe