Elaina Ramsey

Elaina is honored to be a part of the Sojourners community. Through her previous experiences as a youth minister in the South Bronx and a community organizer for various nonprofits and campaigns—including Campaign for Change, the Jubilee U.S.A. Network, and Women’s Action for New Directions—Elaina comes to Sojourners with a passion for all things theological and political.

She received her bachelor's degree from Capital University, where she studied international relations, sociology, and music. She holds a master's in theological studies from Wesley Theological Seminary, as well as a master's degree in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

Elaina believes the best of each of us is born in community. As a former editor of Sojourners magazine, she enjoys hearing other people's stories and weaving them together to share the good news—God's story of restoration, redemption, and reconciliation for the world.

Elaina resides in northern Virginia with her boxer-pit Oscar. She is an avid singer, Zumba enthusiast, boxer, and novice farmhand. She can also be found reading several books at a time and rarely finishing any of them.

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The World As It Should Be

by Elaina Ramsey 11-11-2016

Image via JP Keenan/Sojourners.

While I mourn how this election threatens to erode the progress that’s been made over the last eight years, I am reminded this is not our whole story as a nation nor as citizens of the kin-dom of God. There is a better story yet to be written.

Storytelling is at the heart of all movements. If we have ears to hear and eyes to see, stories can inspire us to listen deeply and to compassionately respond to the voices and lived experiences of those on the margins of society.

Bresha’s Story, Our Story

by Elaina Ramsey 10-06-2016

via Elaina Ramsey / Sojourners

Over the last few months, Bresha’s plight has gained national support as advocates call for her immediate release. Accused of killing her father after enduring a lifetime of abuse, prosecutors have threatened to charge Bresha as an adult, which could potentially leave her in prison for the rest of her life.

For me, Bresha’s story hits way too close to home.

We Won’t Wait: Women Leading from the Margins in the 2016 Election

by Elaina Ramsey 09-22-2016

There is an unmistakable energy when women come together. In my experience, a boldness and brilliance fills the space in rich and surprising ways when women are gathered.

Such was the case as more than 1,500 women from across the country attended the recent We Won’t Wait summit in Washington, D.C., to organize and strategize for a better life for their families and communities. But this was no ordinary conference.

Equal in Faith

by Elaina Ramsey 04-04-2016
Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Women Talk Leading Religion in 2016

Image via /Shutterstock.com

It’s 2016, yet patriarchy is alive and well across faith traditions.

Welcome to this special conversation with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women on the unique challenges and opportunities of women’s religious leadership.

It's On Us, Too: An Open Letter to Theological Schools About Sexual Assault

by Janelle Tupper, by Elaina Ramsey 03-01-2016

According to the Broken Silence survey (commissioned by Sojourners and IMA World Health), faith leaders play a key role in preventing and responding to such violence. Though a majority of respondents reported feeling ill-equipped to deal with issues of sexual and domestic violence in their congregations and communities, an overwhelming majority of faith leaders (81 percent) indicated that they would take appropriate action to reduce such violence if they had the training and resources to do so.

This gap is precisely why seminaries and divinity schools are essential to addressing domestic abuse and sexual assault. Your theological schools can and must take the lead on educating more faith leaders about sexual and gender-based violence.

7 Ways to End Violence Against Women

by Elaina Ramsey 02-19-2016

Whether you’re intimately involved in this struggle or just getting started, there is a place for you. Rise up and put your faith into action to end violence against women. Here are 7 ways to join the revolution.

How We Are All Connected

by Elaina Ramsey 01-13-2016
An Introduction to Intersectionality

As an Asian-American activist, I must constantly negotiate what it means to be a woman faith leader – all while challenging misconceptions of the “model minority myth” and the “otherization” of my identity in a dominant culture that often sees anything other than whiteness as foreign, exotic, or suspect. And yet, I know that my experiences do not pale in comparison to the hardships of those experienced within the greater sisterhood.

There's Domestic Violence in the Bible. Let's Talk About It.

by Elaina Ramsey 10-01-2015

Image by Amanda Carden / Shutterstock

Bruised and battered in body and spirit, many victims of domestic violence are looking to faith communities for guidance. We must do more to make sure our congregations are safe spaces for survivors of abuse. And that starts with naming the sin of domestic violence in our churches and examining how our own sacred texts have been misinterpreted to condone such abuse.

This October—as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month—we’re featuring a new online series called Troubling Texts: Domestic Violence in the Bible. With thought-provoking commentary from experts, pastors, and emerging scholars, we'll take a hard look at how scripture has been used to justify domestic violence.

One in Three...and Me

by Elaina Ramsey 09-01-2015
Why Faith Leaders Must Address Sexual & Domestic Violence

Image via Ammily CP/Shutterstock

Clergy and other people of faith often serve as “first responders” to sexual and domestic violence. But we at Sojourners have heard story after story of faith leaders who blame and shame sexual assault survivors, of domestic violence survivors who are battered at home and bullied in church, of clergy who value purity and the sanctity of marriage over protecting the image of God in each individual person. It’s time for theological schools to take the lead on educating faith leaders about sexual and domestic violence. Join me in this effort by supporting our Back2School Challenge.

State Department Unveils 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report

by Elaina Ramsey 07-27-2015

Today the U.S. State Department released the 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP), which evaluates the efforts of 188 countries to combat human trafficking. This year’s report emphasizes the risk of human trafficking in supply chains and the prevention of forced labor and sexual exploitation in the global marketplace.