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Theodore Deppe, author of seven books of poems including, most recently, Riverlight, lives in Ireland with his wife, poet Annie Deppe.

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Merton, Laughing

by Theodore Deppe 09-27-2023
A poem 
The illustration shows an open suitcase with the face of a man laughing on the bottom half, and a woman dancing in an empty room on the top half.

Illustration by Nate Sweitzer

Dream fragment in which Thomas Merton stops his Jeep
at the border, where a customs official who looks like my sister
opens his suitcase and, finding a spare monastic robe,

The Place of the Green Wand

by Theodore Deppe 11-27-2012
A poem

A GiveBox in Berlin / Sally McGrane

Something called a GiveBox appeared
this fall on Falckensteinstrasse, and my first gift

was a memory: Dorothy Day, decades ago,
gently quoting St. Basil to me: If you have two coats,

you've stolen one from the poor.
Like a walk-in cupboard on the sidewalk, brightly

painted, decked out with flowers, this GiveBox
is for the anonymous exchange of gifts.