Listen and Grow

Cathleen Falsani's interview with Eugene Peterson ("The Pastor's Message," November 2012) contained excellent thoughts. I worked for many years as the administrator of a large multi-purpose senior center, with the Alzheimer's Association, and at an assisted- living facility, so I had the opportunity to see older adults in a variety of settings. Now I am in ministry and am a doctoral student. (I am also a senior by some standards, although I rarely admit to it.) My doctoral research is looking at issues of education and aging. Building on James Fowler, Parker Palmer, and others, I am trying to determine if there is any efficacy to social media for building community that leads to adult learning and Christian formation and growth in mid-life and older adults. It is important that we keep learning, keep growing, and keep saying "I don't know," because only in that way can we have the courage to explore new paths to human potential.

Joyce Lighari
Kingston Springs, Tennessee

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