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Sojourners Magazine: November-December 1995

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Cover Story

Democracy's history is one of perseverance.
Dilemmas of insider access.
What campaign money buys, and who it sells out.
Resources for further action
The blurring lines between Pat Robertson's money and politics.
Challenging the newest barrier to the right to vote.
What it takes to restore a functioning democracy.
Organizing for people-based politics.
Stopping the sellout of democracy--before it's too late.
Practicing the Art of Active Citizenship


A conversation with Daniel Berrigan
Ten years of Sojourners interns.
Two decades of struggle in East Timor has made friends and enemies.


O.J.Simpson and Louis Farrakhan are as contradictory figures as two people could be.
Calvin Klein Inc., no stranger to the racy or randy, has shocked America over the past decade with its persistent testing of our moral consciousness.
No matter what religious tradition one is part of, the grim cycle of violence and counterviolence that has gone on for more than three years in the former Yugoslavia indicts us all...
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"Can we make this a ritual?" my then-9-year-old niece asked me.
Last spring, Sojourners helped to mobilize a broad group of evangelical, pentecostal, black, Catholic, and mainline Protestant leaders to offer a visible alternative to the Religious Right.
By now you're probably pretty tired of reading about money and politics, and all the other serious stuff we've packed into this thought-provoking 100-page issue.
Every year, at our family reunion, one more seat of memories and laughter is empty.

Culture Watch

FIVE MINUTES BEFORE soccer practice starts, four or five kids sit in the corner of the field, passing cards back and forth and negotiating trades.
Books for children on a nonviolent path
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The hottest trend in kids' entertainment
Gang members and the question of God
Music from the heartland.
Secrets of the American West
The experiment of nonviolence.
When the mode of the music changes, the walls of the city quake.
Missioning in the midst of war in El Salvador.


May Sarton-poet, novelist, feminist, journal keeper, and Sojourners member-died this summer at the age of 83 (see "May Sarton: Years of Praise," September-October 1995).
Challenging the World Bank and IMF
NEW TECHNOLOGY, according to the commentary "" (by Bob Sabath, September-October 1995), is "helping people find each other, build relationships, and work together toward common dr
Community for a dying friend
Reflections on the revised common lectionary (November 5 - December 24)
You can get so used to seeing something that you forget to question why it is there. This is often the case with the role of money in the American political system.